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Devon pensioners humiliate Y and Y Management in tribunal ruling

London-based freeholder Israel Moskovitz and his business partner Joseph Gurvits must rue the day they snapped up at auction the freeholds of retirement sites in Devon. After a two-year legal marathon – which saw Moskovitz trying (and failing) to interest the Court of Appeal – Regent Court at last takes up its right to manage […]

After homeowner gets £6,000 premium, will leasehold flood insurance be the latest scam?

Leasehold flood insurance: The owner of a leasehold house in Kingston, Surrey, has been quoted an insurance premium of £6,344 as a result of the flooding. And if he does get flooded, there will be a £10,000 excess – even though Kingston has been unaffected by the recent flooding. The owner, who rents out the […]

Tchenguiz backs down over demanding £5,000 from couple … for a conservatory built more than 20 years ago!

The Tchenguiz Family Trust has backed down on demanding £5,000 for consent for a conservatory that was attached to a  retirement leasehold bungalow more than 20 years ago. Two days ago, Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation raised the issue with Estates and Management, which manages the Tchenguiz residential freehold portfolio. The original story can be […]

Tchenguiz Family Trust seeks £5,000 for conservatory ‘built 25 years ago’ … and Peverel will not permit their house manager to confirm when it was built

A couple who own a retirement bungalow with a conservatory face a demand for £5,000 from the Tchenguiz Family Trust freeholder. And the money might not need to be paid at all if the Peverel house manager were permitted to confirm the date when the conservatory was built – but she has been instructed not […]

‘Too little to protect Homewalk House against intruders’

After two break-ins in a London retirement leasehold site nothing has been done to improve residents’ security, a Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation reader has complained. In June and October last year intruders broke in to Homewalk House in Sydenham, south-east London, and one arrest has been made. “It was a very frightening experience for […]

Leasehold owners excluded from government’s insurance scheme Flood Re

This joint press release, issued on January 23 has received considerable coverage in the media, including MoneyBox Live on Radio 4 today. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, which has been referred to in the FT among, provided figures demonstrating that the leasehold sector is far larger than government – on anyone else for that matter – […]

Number of leasehold homes is DOUBLE the figure the government believes, according to the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

Shocking survey HERE The residential leasehold sector – mainly flats – is the murky corner of the housing market … and it is far larger than any government body has realised. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, the sister organisation of Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation, today publishes a report demonstrating that there are 5.37 million leasehold […]

Cirrus sites have received ‘goodwill’ payments, says Entwistle

Retirement sites that were identified by the Office of Fair Trading in the price-fixing scandal involving Peverel / Cirrus have received their “goodwill” payments, Janet Entwistle of Peverel said yesterday. At a meeting with Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and Sir Peter Bottomley in Westminster, Entwistle said that she was confident all sites affected by […]

‘Bribes’, ‘crooked operators’, ‘villains turned angels’: Aussie baroness puts the boot into the leasehold fairytale in the Lords

COMMENT How impressed one has to be with the lobbying activities of the lawyers in ALEP: the Association of Leasehold Enfrachisement Practitioners. It waives a piece of paper pointing out that the powers of attorney – for those who are incapacitated – does not apply in Landlord and Tenant Law and – in no time, […]

If ANY other site thinks it was scammed by Peverel / Cirrus, contact Ed Davey or Sir Peter Bottomley

 … and there are plenty of lawyers willing to take on this one! Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation strongly recommends that any site that believes it was  scammed in the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal should raise the issue with either Sir Peter Bottomley or Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary. Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation […]

Tell us more about Grange Property Management

From a reader: When is someone going to look into Grange Property Management? They take ALL of any pension increase year on year. There are 70 flats at Bexhill. £207 pm:   £47 increase in three years. There are 70 flats, several two-bed flats which pay more. It doesn’t take a genius to work out their […]

I have refused to pay sublet fees, and now face debt recovery

Dear Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation, I am a leaseholder of a Peverel-managed flat in Sussex and incurred sublet fees with a new tenant in June 2012. Having previously paid £626 for a sublet fee for the previous tenant, I refused to pay them any more and emailed them about this in August 2012 and […]