June 17, 2024

Find your Peverel site and find your MP

PeverelWestminsterCampaign against retirement leasehold exploitation has published a full list of Peverel’s retirement sites with links to contacting the constituency MP.

One feature that is immediately noticeable is that 73 per cent of retirement leasehold sites are in constituencies with Conservative MPs.

Click on link below:

Peverel Retirement homes




Full list of Peverel sites with postcodes:



  1. john fennell says

    I live in a Managed Retirement complex. Are you able to advise on the situation where a manager of the managing company fails to respond, twice, to a leaseholders request to meet that manager regarding a subject of some concern to the leasehold. The purpose of the requested meeting to discuss, that whch I consider, a certain lack of skills within the management structure? My occupation over a number of years in industry included identification of staff training needs and recommened suitable training.
    Thank you John

  2. Paul Joseph says

    If your managing agent ignores your communications and if the service it provides is unacceptable or too costly, or if you just feel like a change, you may be able to get rid of them via a right to manage (RTM) enfranchisement process.

  3. Nicholas Smith says

    Sadly my mother Gillian Smith passed away on 2/12/13. She managed the site Homewell House in Kidlington from 1991, until ill-health forced retirement 5 years ago. I had a written response from Peverels and I have also emailed McCarthy and Stone.
    It is not my intention to mislead anyone, but if a contribution to the Geoffrey Harris ward at the Churchill hospital was made, this would be very welcome.

  4. We have been trying to sell my deceased sisters flat in Homechime House in wells for 2-3 YEARS. There are 11 similar properties for sale and probably more. The property was purchased for £92K and we cannot sell it for £69K. However we are still stung for service charges, rent, Councl Tax (at full price) I believe because of the greed of Peverel our properties may not sell at all. Surely it cannot be legal to create an situation where, because of the excessive charges we are unable to sell. Maybe if the properties are meant to lose money the SOMEONE can come along and buy them for a song. I wonder who that would be?????