June 15, 2024

‘Too little to protect Homewalk House against intruders’

Homewalk House in Sydenham has had two break-ins since last June and now the residents want CCTV

Homewalk House in Sydenham has had two break-ins since last June and now the residents want CCTV

After two break-ins in a London retirement leasehold site nothing has been done to improve residents’ security, a Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation reader has complained.

In June and October last year intruders broke in to Homewalk House in Sydenham, south-east London, and one arrest has been made.

“It was a very frightening experience for frail and elderly peopled, especially as flats were broken into and possessions stolen,” says John Lillywhite, a resident.

Although Peverel promised action not much has happened, it is claimed.

Mr Lillywhite claims that CCTV was discussed and a price of £3,000 was mentioned.

“We are not likely to find out before March 11, the date of the next proposed meeting,” he says. “That will be 39 weeks since we requested the system.”

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation has contacted Peverel and received the following statement:

“Peverel Retirement can confirm there were two separate cases of intruders entering the building in 2013. On both occasions the intruders gained access over the weekend – when our on-site House Manager was not on duty. One arrest was made.

“Homewalk House’s Area Manager and Regional Manager held a meeting with residents, along with Peverel Retirement’s Health and Safety Manager and a CCTV contractor.”

The figure of £3,000 was suggested by “two independent specialist security contractors as part of a formal tender process”.

“However after looking through the quotes, residents requested an updated quote for a service that included more CCTV cameras. We are now waiting for the updated quotes.

“The safety and security of our residents is always our upmost priority. After both intruder cases, all secure entry fobs were deactivated and new fobs were given to residents which have been registered with the on-site House Manager.

“The development has a secure main door which can only be opened by a security fob or by a resident, via a door entry button, from their property.

“All contractors must have approval before they enter the building and when the House Manager is off-duty visitors are required to call through to the development’s off-duty control centre, who will allow entry to the development.

“As well as reminding residents of these security procedures, we are consulting with the residents at Homewalk House about additional security options such as CCTV as outlined above.”


  1. Michael Epstein says

    I am sorry to hear about the break ins at Homewalk House.
    May I ask if the intruders got away with more or less money than Peverel did through their Cirrus price fixing fraud?
    I note that Peverel make mention of “two independent specialist security contractors as PART Of A FORMAL TENDER PROCESS” Is that Peverel “speak” for Cirrus will be involved at some stage in the process?
    Given the horrific circumstances in Shropshire which could easily ended up with fatal consequences, have access codes been amended to allow emergency services entry?

  2. So …

    Very simply a thief walks up – press’s the bell and gets the “off duty control centre” who then lets them in …

    GREAT security

    happy days

  3. Michael Epstein says

    A. Reviewer,
    Don’t forget the Retirement Homesearch “Open Days” Everyone is welcome , without the most basic checks. What an invitation to “case” the property.

  4. CCTV is easily undermined by waering the “Hoodie”. Residents might be as well off looking at spending £3k on london bars birmingham bars etc, and bracing their locks as door hinges and the strike plate ( bit on the door) are often in thin wood with small screws and easily forced. These, as well as better locks, can be an effective deterant and prevents or slows access, as well as creating a great deal of noise so alerting neighbours. Its been my experience that this is often a better investment and creates peice of mind at £200 + per flat.