April 24, 2024

If you want to reform leasehold, this is how you could do it

The paper below by Philip Rainey QC was presented to the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership’s all-party round-table meeting at Westminster on January 29 2015. It is a superb analysis of the defects of leasehold law, along with suggestions to reform them. Mr Rainey makes clear that these views are not necessarily wholly, or even in part, […]

MPs back Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation / LKP call to reform residents association regulations – drawn up by the man who won back £500,000 from Tchenguiz / Peverel

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation / LKP has proposed changing the government regulations on the creation of residents’ associations, and has received widespread backing for the reform. The key changes that have been presented to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles are: That residents associations can be recognised with 50 per cent of qualifying residents plus one […]

Five ways retirement leaseholders can fight back

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and LKP have pushed leasehold abuses up the political agenda. There are serious retirement leasehold disputes now being addressed in the constituencies of several members of the Cabinet. Sir Peter Bottomley, Tory MP for Worthing West, is determined to see these issues through and there will be a Commons debate […]

Retirement leasehold is the worst property investment bar none!

Even one-bedroom flats in the centre of Leeds, which plummeted after the boom, hold value better than retirement leasehold. The explanation? Greed, simply. Retirement housebuilders, speculators who buy the freeholds when developers sell them off and management companies have proved unable to resist exploiting the weak and elderly. Leasehold law (which is unique to England […]

My mum has seen a retirement leasehold flat and loves it, but what are the pitfalls?

Any words of advice for this reader poised to buy a retirement leasehold flat? (Please do not grandstand or name individual companies: helpful advice only, thanks.)  Last week we went with my mother to view a retirement leasehold site in Cornwall.  We were all very surprised to be so impressed by the quality of the […]

Find your Peverel site and contact your MP

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation today publishes a complete list of all Peverel’s retirement sites with links to contacting the constituency MP. We are just at the start of analysing this data, but one feature that is immediately noticeable is that 73 per cent of retirement leasehold sites are in constituencies with Conservative MPs. Click […]

Brilliant exposé of retirement leasehold on Channel Four Dispatches

Tonight’s Dispatches programme (September 24 2012) on retirement leasehold was a brilliant example of television journalism that was extremely damaging to both McCarthy and Stone, and to Peverel. It is excellent that Peverel’s disgraceful treatment of the pensioners at Strand Court, Rye, has been given a wider airing (search Strand Court on this site). But […]