May 29, 2024

Leasehold owners excluded from government’s insurance scheme Flood Re

This joint press release, issued on January 23 has received considerable coverage in the media, including MoneyBox Live on Radio 4 today. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, which has been referred to in the FT among, provided figures demonstrating that the leasehold sector is far larger than government – on anyone else for that matter – […]

Number of leasehold homes is DOUBLE the figure the government believes, according to the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

Shocking survey HERE The residential leasehold sector – mainly flats – is the murky corner of the housing market … and it is far larger than any government body has realised. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, the sister organisation of Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation, today publishes a report demonstrating that there are 5.37 million leasehold […]