July 21, 2024

‘Much to be proud of’ … Keith Edgar is leaving Peverel

Keith Edgar, head of Peverel Retirement, is leaving the company and house managers have been posting the news on noticeboards at Peverel sites.

This is Keith’s valediction on the Peverel website:

“After almost 20 fantastic years at the Peverel Group I have made the difficult decision to move on to a new challenge. It’s been a great two decades with much to be proud of.

“With its new owners in place the Peverel Group is unquestionably in excellent shape, and with Janet Entwistle at the helm the business has the right person to move it forward. Janet’s commitment to customer service means these are exciting times for everyone connected with the Peverel Group.

“Although I won’t be leaving for a while yet, I can safely say that after many happy years I will miss everyone greatly.

“I’ve asked House Managers to let residents know I’m moving on, but of course you can always send me a message via Keith’s Comments if you’d like to contact me directly.”



  1. It would be nice if Keith took six months gardening leave!

    • A Reviewer says

      Maybe Keith should pay an exit fee of 10 per cent of all he has ever earned back to the overcharged pensioners who provided him with such a comfortable salary for donkey’s years …

  2. KE, believe me, you have nothing to be proud of!

  3. Brian Reeves says

    I have only read: “20 fantastic years”; “new challenge”; “great two decades”:”with much to be proud of”, and that is more than enough!
    Our residents have personally experienced Mr. Edgar for about six hours of those twenty years, covering two important resident’s meetings: which many of us felt were dealt with quite unsympathetically and brusquely. The first related to a personal problem within the building which caused an enormous amount of concern and anxiety among residents, and the second when he came to try and persuade us not to abandon Peverel and move on to R.T.M.
    Leaving the first, since it could recreate too many anxieties. The second, having been closeted in the house manager’s office for some time, Mr. Edgar’s very pointed speech was greeted, much to the area manager’s obvious disgust, with total dismissive silence. Our experience of Peverel can be summed up by words from the film “The Exotic Marigold Hotel”, where one forthright lady when asked her opinion about the hotel exclaimed “Words fail me!” Indeed may I recommend, Mr. Edgar, that you watch that film, which is where a group of retired people came to a point of facing a truth about themselves and some form of reality!

  4. Mr Edgar is leaving ” about time ,if ever there is a person who say’s one thing and then does another its Mr Edgar . He will not be missed