June 17, 2024

ARHM will not explain why it expelled Retirement Security, but it was ‘nothing to do with Keith Edgar’

The expulsion of Retirement Security from the Association of Retirement Housing Managers (ARHM) had nothing to do with the role of Keith Edgar, Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation has been told.

Paul Silk, the ARHM chairman, informed Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation: “The statement which has been provided to members is the extent that we wish to make comment on this matter save for confirming that the issue did not relate to the appointment of Keith Edgar to the ARHM.

“Keith has now left the ARHM on good terms and of his own volition to pursue other business opportunities and remains in contact with the Board in both professional and personal capacities.”

Silk, who works for the Hanover housing association, has made it clear that it will not explain why Retirement Security was expelled.

Members of the ARHM endorse a code of practice – currently under revision – so Retirement Security will no longer be bound by its conditions.

This has a direct bearing on residents and potential purchasers at Retirement Security.


Sebastian O’Kelly, Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation

It should be obvious to a trade body such as the ARHM that, when it expels a member, there should be a full public statement. All parties involved in this troubled sector intone the need for transparency.

How is it justifiable not to make a statement, yet expect elderly residents – and, indeed, the authorities – to take seriously this organisation’s code of practice if it simply deals secretly with a matter like this?”

The ARHM code of practice is approved by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

Why on earth should he do so in the light of this decision?

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation / LKP has questioned the purpose of the ARHM, whose largest financial contributor is Peverel Retirement.

The larger trade body ARMA (the Association of Residential Managing Agents) has a more serious ethical agenda and is committed to dealing with disciplinary matters publicly.

It has former housing minister Keith Hill as its regulator, which is a good appointment.

Is there really any point to the ARHM?

This decision demonstrates that its priorities are skewed. ARHM does not seek public confidence in its decisions and, given its total silence in the face of well attested abuses in retirement leasehold, it does not deserve it either.


  1. Michael Hollands says

    It must have been a very serious offence to get expelled from ARHM, when a company found guilty of collusive tendering is allowed to remain a member.
    I had a bad experience with ARHM back in 2005 when they appeared to be run by one man and his dog.
    Now they have grown bigger they seem just as useless.
    They will not answer questions or reply to correspondence.
    I cannot think what the Secretary of State see’s in them , they appear to be a pointless organisation.

    • Michael Hollands says

      Just to elaborate on the experience I had with ARHM.
      At that time they appeared to be run by a young lady in an office and a part time man and his dog.
      I am not blaming the dog.
      When a complaint was made it had to be taken by this gentleman before a faceless committee who only met about once every 6 weeks.
      So it could take up to 6 weeks to find out what they are like.
      In my case I was being conned out of around £4500 by one of their major members when I sold the retirement property.
      After several pleas for help and two meetings of the faceless ones I was told it was not their problem and I should pay for my own solicitor.
      This I did and it took one letter and one phone call to sort it to my own advantage.
      Unfortunately at a cost of £200 for the solicitor.
      Why could ARHM not have done this? Hence my reason for calling them a useless organisation.

  2. Michael – How correct you are regarding Price Fixing (Collusive Tendering) and as Peverel Management Services Ltd were the:-


    It is a club set up to look after the Retirement Housing Managers as their UNION who then try hard to continue to exist by ignoring complaints and providing cover for large organisations like Peverel Group, who rely on the prestige given by an organisation that allows Area Managers to have letters after their names as our Area Manager had previously used.

    It is not like being an RICS who have to undertake a full University Degree/Professional Course like Benjamin Mire???

    The Area Managers pay their money and receive the letters after their name it looks good for Peverel Retirement for Area Managers to have letters after their names, other than the ones we give them, sorry?

    I am pleased the ARHM was not known as Professional Retail Associates Traders Society, as they would then all have PT*TS, after their names, ooooops???

  3. Paul Joseph says

    I wonder if proffering a brown envelope to an officer of a residents’ association to scupper an RTM claim would be enough to get one expelled from one of the industry’s trade bodies?

    It has happened and to my knowledge nobody has ever been expelled for doing this.

  4. Michael Epstein says

    “The statement that has been provided to members is the extent we WISH to make comment on this matter” Paul Silk, Chairman ARHM.
    Mr Silk,
    When i was a child I did not wish to tidy my bedroom (but I had to!)
    I did not want to get up and go to school (but I had to!)
    I did not want to do P.E (but i had to!)
    I did not want to eat cabbage (but i had to!)
    You Mr Silk, may not WISH to make comment on thismatter (but you will have to!)
    Just think how much worse it will be for you, when the reason that you do not WISH to make comment on this matter is put in the public domain?

  5. Michael Epstein says

    “Keith has now left ARHM on good terms and out of his own volition to persue other business opportunities and remains in contact with the board in both professional and personal capacities” Paul Silk ARHM.
    That tells me that Keith Edgar is setting up a rival property management company(possibly to Peverel), otherwise he would not need to remain in contact with the board of ARHM in both professional and personal capacities.
    I wonder, if the offer was attractive enough, would Chamonix/Electra be prepared to sell Peverel?

  6. Michael

    Using what for money …. oh i forgot he was probably one of the guys on the end of the siphon … now he is being charged by a bank for looking after it – so he’d better spend it ….. on property management …

    Happy Days