May 29, 2024

Lee Middleburgh quits Peverel: A nation mourns …

LeeMiddleburghjoyousA long standing member of the Peverel Politburo Lee Middleburgh, from before the era of Janet Entwistle, has resigned.

His departure follows that of Keith Edgar, former head of Peverel Retirement in December.

Peverel today issued the following statement:

To be attributed to Janet Entwistle:

Lee Middleburgh, Managing Director, Peverel Property Management, has decided to leave the company to pursue new opportunities.

Lee will gradually wind down during the next few weeks and an announcement about his successor will be made in due course.

Lee first joined Peverel in 2005 and over the last eight years Peverel Property Management has undergone significant growth and change under his leadership.

He also played a key role in maintaining the success of the business through the challenges faced during the 12 months the Group was in administration and I would like to thank Lee for the important contribution he has made to our plans to build a more customer focused business.

Lee Middleburgh has resigned from Peverel

Lee Middleburgh has resigned from Peverel


  1. The question now is,will Peverel make genuine changes to the way they manage their homes and give residents more say or will things remain the same– the $100 million dollar question?