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‘Don’t make the pensioners of Regent Court take you to court AGAIN, Mr Moskovitz,’ urges Bottomley

The pensioners of Regent Court, in Plymouth, face the prospect of another encounter in court with their freeholder Israel Moskovitz after being presented with a £140,000 bill to pay for a new roof. The roof was damaged by storms in April 2012, but insurers AXA claim the condition of the roof would have voided the […]

How can I stop noisy building work going on upstairs?

The problem has been very noisy works in flat directly above mine. I was resting in my living room, and then appalling noise from what sounded like circular saw, very loud repeated banging from hammer, and drilling. I was given no warning beforehand; apparently the staff of this establishment were not informed either, and permission […]

Benjamin Mire ‘resigns’ from property tribunal after complaints

Leasehold managing agent Benjamin Mire has “resigned” his judicial appointment at the property tribunal following complaints from two leaseholders. They argued that his position involved a clear conflict of interest. Mire, 52, a chartered surveyor and managing director of Trust Property Management, based in Colindale, north London, resigned while the complaints were being considered by […]

Our nine years in a retirement leasehold development

Norman Greed, of Eddington Court in Weston-super-Mare, writes his personal account of how he and his neighbours disputed charges at LVT – where they had £12,000 of costs awarded against them – but eventually broke free with right to manage   In August 2004 we purchased a two-bedroom McCarthy and Stone retirement leasehold flat from […]

What IS going on with Peverel’s lifts? Yet more residents are stuck indoors for weeks – we are up to NINE cases in two years!

  Click on images TWICE to read By Michael Epstein, Our man in the lift Peverel’s calamitous way with lifts seems to be continuing – a week after BBC radio highlighted pensioners imprisoned in their Bristol retirement site, Ferndown Grange. Now it is the turn of Mulberry Court in East Finchley, north London. Fortunately they […]

Any tips when renting a retirement flat (as we don’t want to buy a third!)

From Stella: My 90-year-old mother is desperate to move from her retirement leasehold flat to one nearer me. This would be her third Peverel flat: selling the first was a nightmare and selling the current (second) one looks set to go the same way, so I’m hoping to persuade her to rent the third! I […]

We are not bullies: Elim Court replies to Moskovitz and Gurvits

Bully Boy Directors, Mr Moskovitz and Mr Gurvits ? A Statement for publication by the Directors of the Elim Court Plymouth RTM Company Ltd We refer to the statement published by Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation by Joseph Gurvits Managing Director of Y&Y Management Ltd on August 12th 2013. Mr Gurvits, apparently advised by Elena […]

Barrister Justin Bates fails to block right to manage on the grounds that leaseholders’ company name did not include ‘RTM’ in the title

… but the Upper Tribunal was exasperated that right to manage had been delayed for 18 months owing to the ‘flimsy’ appeal A few weeks ago freeholders’ barrister Justin Bates was back from holidays and raring to put the boot in the courts. But he has just fallen flat on his face at the first. The […]

You DO have to pay sublet fees annually in retirement leasehold

The feeble deal between the Office of Fair Trading and the Tchenguiz Family Trust over retirement leasehold exit and subletting fees – the one in July 2012 where the OFT said they were an unfair contract but, no, it was not going to do anything about them – has been clarified to Campaign against retirement […]

‘Another £40 to Tchenguiz for selling my dad’s retirement leasehold flat’

For the Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation readership We recently sold my fathers McCarthy and Stone flat. One of the problems we came up against was we had to prove that the Ground Rent was paid to Estates & Management so we requested a receipt for the last payment we made. They sent a letter […]

Should ARMA replace the ARHM?

This question is prompted by yesterday’s annual conference of ARMA – the Association of Residential Managing Agents. It has begun the process of self-purification by introducing a tough regulatory scheme called ARMA-Q, which comes into force in January 2015. Its core message is this:

Just how much can a freeholder charge on a flat sale?

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation applies to the wisdom of crowds on this one, being clueless on the issue. What is a reasonable fee for a freeholder to charge in processing a flat sale? In this housing association there may be procedures to confirm suitability of a purchaser for this type of housing. £250 all […]