May 29, 2024

We are not bullies: Elim Court replies to Moskovitz and Gurvits

Bully Boy Directors, Mr Moskovitz and Mr Gurvits ?

A Statement for publication by the Directors of the Elim Court Plymouth RTM Company Ltd

We refer to the statement published by Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation by Joseph Gurvits Managing Director of Y&Y Management Ltd on August 12th 2013.

Mr Gurvits, apparently advised by Elena Andreadis his Property Manager, alleges that client leaseholders feel intimidated and bullied  and that they also don’t understand what they have signed up for in the context of the RTM process. He also states that ‘the Freeholder is worried that several leaseholders with vested interests will actually take over only looking after themselves and their own interests’ and later says that ‘this is driven by self-interested people’.

Our response to these allegations is simply this;-

We the RTM Directors at Elim Court unequivocally reject these statements as unfounded. We are not sure who is advising Mr Gurvits (but we can guess). If Mr Gurvits has any evidence at all to support these statements then we suggest he produces it.  Indeed if there is any evidence then we would be more than happy for it to be independently investigated.

As for the ‘worried’ Freeholder (a Freeholder who incidentally shares the same office address as Mr Gurvits) and his concerns that some of us have vested interests in all this.

Actually he is quite right, we do.

It is to see justice done and the leaseholders at these addresses achieve their right under the law to choose who manages their home.

 The Directors of the Elim Court RTM Company Ltd                                   August 2013