June 17, 2024

How can I stop noisy building work going on upstairs?

The problem has been very noisy works in flat directly above mine. I was resting in my living room, and then appalling noise from what sounded like circular saw, very loud repeated banging from hammer, and drilling. I was given no warning beforehand; apparently the staff of this establishment were not informed either, and permission was not sought. These works are prior to new residents moving in. Noise from these workman has continued over about twelve days. I had been told that it was stopping before this weekend just past. Then when I was resting in my living room mid morning today, very loud repeated banging started up again. I am told by the estate manager that today they are laying the carpets! There is poor sound proofing anyway between these two flats, mine and the flat above.

We are a very elderly group of residents here, and it is common for people to have frail health. We are are based here day and night, but younger leaseholders are likely to be fitter and also out in the day time at work. Therefore this noise would probably not impact them so severely.

I understand that noisy music from a neighbor for example can be dealt with through the local council, but not noise from building alterations. The interests of residents seems to be completely disregarded. There at least needs to be an accepted procedure to protect them. Purchasers of flats should be told (not just told to read the contract) that permission must be approved for any alterations. The Estate manager should contact residents living near and discuss with them the best time for the works to take place, or is there any other arrangement, e.g To leave the flat while work is going on. Obviously this might cause inconvenience.

Even this does not remove the injustice of being made to endure such a severe noise. At least it demonstrates some courtesy and respect for the neighboring residents in this difficult situation. I await your comments with interest!