May 29, 2024

Peverel house managers ‘must use’ Ace Office Environments

A Peverel house manager writes in to say that all house managers have to order office and cleaning supplies from Ace Office Environments, a Bournemouth company.

Until “a year ago” the managers were told to order through a company called Viking, “which was cheaper”.

There is no suggestion that there is anything improper in this relationship, but given the multiple court cases involving Peverel and its own admission of a price-fixing cartel over Cirrus to the OFT it is reasonable to examine all the suppliers to Peverel.

A statement to be attributed to a Peverel Group spokesperson was sent to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation this afternoon:

“Peverel Group is committed to providing the best value to our customers and we use our national scale and buying power to achieve this.

“We have worked with Ace Office Environments for a number of years.  We entered into a formal contract with them in 2009 following a competitive tender process assessed by an independent procurement company.

“They continue to provide us with an efficient and cost-effective service but we will review our arrangements where appropriate and act in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct.”


  1. Michael Epstein says

    Peverel say they now use an independent procurement company.
    This is the first i have personally heard of the use of such a company as far back as 2009.
    Perhaps Peverel would be kind enough in the spirit of transparency and openness to enlighten us as to the name of the company that was used?

  2. Interesting. For as long as I can remember Peverel staff at our development have had a large catalogue from a company called Mara from which they could order to their heart’s content by phone. Just call in the post-it notes, the binders, the writing pads, the pens, the pencils, the staplers etc. and lots more. Think Argos with a kickback to Peverel (5%). Who would deny the front desk all the pencils they need? Who really bothers to add up how much it all costs?

    Every little helps.

    I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere, but that is what it’s all about.

  3. 2009 – the date when the Cirrus price fixing ended! Presumably they had to find another source of income?

    I really can’t believe this has been set up without some sort of kick back to Peverel. Residents should check the invoice file and then see if they are paying over the odds for stationary. How do prices compare to say.. Poundland or WH Smith?

  4. The simple solution here (the service charge statement will not itemise the purchases) is to write to Peverel and ask “Can you please let us know how much commission, or “contribution to overhead” or other consideration of any kind, including discounts on other purchases and incentives have been agreed with Ace Office Environments?” They are legally required to furnish the information.

    It would of course be an idea to ask for this information for all suppliers.

    It’s not so long since property managers were stuffing broken windows and the like into the service charges instead of making claims — apparently because of group financial arrangements and… orders.