March 3, 2024

Mere Court residents should vote as they wish, but tell Peverel it cannot sell the house manager’s flat until its ownership is clear

… the area manager was telling residents the flat was ‘part of estate’ only three months ago

Mere Court in Knutsford, where Peverel wants to sell the house manager's flat ... and give residents only £10,000

Mere Court in Knutsford, where Peverel wants to sell the house manager’s flat … and give residents only £10,000

Mere Court residents have been given until August 19 by Peverel to vote on whether they want a live-in house manager. If they don’t, the flat will be sold.

They should vote as they wish and according to what they believe is best for the site. They should also include a letter to Peverel saying that it should not be selling the house manager’s flat until the ownership of the flat has been established.

The flat may be a common part of the site and cannot be sold.

Peverel is offering a £10,000 contribution to the contingency fund if the flat is sold. At Homepine House, in Folkestone, where the house manager’s flat was sold two months ago, £10,000 has been paid into the contingency fund by Peverel.

Although the flat has been on the Land Registry as belonging to Peverel since 2009, it now emerges that area manager Sarah Whitehouse was telling Mere Court residents that the flat was “part of the building and estate” only three months ago.

Her letter is reproduced below.

Four Peverel retirement sites in Cheshire are currently in a state of disturbance over issues concerning house managers:

–       Mere Court, Knutsford

–       Metcalfe Court in Romiley, where the residents feel the freeholder Fairhold (part of the Tchenguiz Family Trust, Peverel’s former owner) resisted their wishes to rid themselves of an in-house manager. Suspicions were such that local LibDem MP Andrew Stunell had to witness the counting of the vote in Fairhold’s offices in London’s Mayfair. The residents successfully ended having an in-house manager.

–       Ash Court, Knutsford, where well liked house manager Marge Ashley felt she “had to resign”, after 10 years in the job. She has now been relieved of all duties and is not allowed to work her notice. Area manager Sarah Whitehouse has told residents “not to contact Marge for anything pertaining to Ash Court”. (below)

–       Warford Park, Mobberley, where the Peverel house manager, who has been in situ for 16 years, has been told by administrators of the freeholder (Total Deal) to be gone by August 19 so the flat can be sold. This issue is being investigated by MP George Osborne and, at this stage, Peverel appears uninvolved in the process.


Mere Court: flat “part of the building and estate”. Click to read



Ash Court: “do not to contact Marge for anything pertaining to Ash Court”. Click to read



  1. Michael Epstein says

    So now a Peverel Retirement Area Manager, writes to tell residents who they can speak to?
    Is that in the lease?

    • Michael,
      We at ABC were told the same by our Area and Regional Managers when our House Manager was first suspended and then sacked in September 2012. We were informed not to contact her or ask questions as she would not be in a position to answer.

      Note, on Wednesday this week our window cleaners turned up and when one of the residents asked them why they had stopped calling, they informed the resident that Peverel Management Services Ltd had stopped paying the in May 2013 and had only recently paid them what they were owed. I have been informed that they may have a cash flow problem??

      Peverel see themselves as Masters, as in the Master/Servant, payment for services. They believe that they can do as they like even to decide that a leaking toilet/replacement carpets are not an insurance claim. Peverel decided neither toilet/carpet were claimable. I have asked for evidence of the claim but I am informed not a single shred of written evidence exists from either Kingsborough or Oval, that any claim was ever made in 2008/9 for toilet and carpets.

      As we pay Peverel Management Services Ltd a Management Fee plus VAT you would expect that we were the Master and Peverel the Servant. WRONG, because Peverel Services Ltd own us, YES, Peverel Services Ltd are our Owners and Landlord so we were informed by Mr C.O. Head of Customer Services Relations.

  2. This is good news that the owners are in the RTM process. I would urge them to get their conveyancer to urgently register a charge on the flat to say it is in dispute so that it can not be sold until this dispute is sorted out.

  3. Michael Epstein says

    Thinking it was time for the “Old Scourge of Peverel” to relax, i have been looking at Peverel Retirement Developments. And I have found a lovely place at Churchill Court London Road, Marlborough Wilts.
    I have a choice of flats and they appear to be priced to sell.
    Oddly, one of the flats is advertised as having no ground rent to pay. The others pay £350 per year,
    Another incentive is that the seller of this flat appears to be offering to pay one year’s service charge in advance on behalf of the buyer. I wonder if this could be a House Manager’s flat for sale?
    That said, if i had a flat for sale in a Peverel retirement development and i found out that a House Manager’s flats were being sold with no ground rent to pay nor one year’s service charges to pay, i would be pretty angry.