July 21, 2024

Mark Hoyland quits Peverel Retirement after nine months

MarkHoylands2Mark Hoyland, the head of Peverel Retirement, is leaving to pursue another venture, Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation has learned. 

Hoyland was only in place for nine months (click picture to read biography).

A Peverel spokesman said this morning:

“I can confirm that Mark Hoyland has decided to leave Peverel Group at the end of March to pursue another venture. We will announce a replacement as soon as possible.”

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation has raised questions about Andy Davey, the chief executive of Cirrus, but he appears to have the confidence of CEO Janet Entwistle.  


  1. Michael Epstein says

    My information is that Andrew Davey has resigned as well

    • Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation says

      This is incorrect. Andy Davey has not resigned from Peverel.

      • Michael Epstein says

        Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation,
        My sincere apologies to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and to Andy Davey. I posted this information in the genuine belief that had happened. At least when i make a mistake, I own up!

      • Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation
        Please explain how Andy Davey has not resigned from PBTL

        Andy Davey was seen to have retired?

        The dates are as follows commenced 20/11/09 retired 30/01/14 from Peverel Building Technologies Ltd
        Is this information correct as seen?

        • Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation says

          Peverel has informed Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation that Andy Davey is still employed by the company.

          • Sebastian as mentioned to you today by stating that Peverel did this Peverel did that and then say that Andrew Davey has not resigned from Peverel, does not help us non journalists who strive to provide information and spend many hours attempting to provide justice for us pensioners.

            Andrew Davey resigned from Peverel Building Technology Ltd on the 30/01/14 which is available on DUEDIL which is a brilliant website.

            Your stating that Andy Davey stills works for Peverel (Peverel who ) does not help us non journalists to continue to provide information to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation.

            Please confirm that you still require us to provide information to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and LKP that allows us to provide to be non journalistic without being belittled by you.

          • M. Epstein says

            From the very beginning of all the campaigning sites it sometimes happens that an apparent disagreement happens. These can bubble up in the site’s forums.
            Many mis-understandings can come from working under pressure in a field that one has no experience in (sounds just like Peverel)
            Let us remember what needs to be achieved and why it needs to be achieved.
            Time to move on I think!

          • A Reviewer says


            There is a major difference between being employed as a slave [aka caged rat] and resigning as a director

            Happy Days

  2. Rats in a sinking ship come to mind…… but are there enough life boats for them all?

  3. Michael Epstein says

    How many will be saved I don’t know? That a lifeboat is being prepared is certain.
    You will see significant resources are being put into Cirrus/Careline.
    This is a much higher margin business than property management.
    Indeed from so many directions either from resident disputes, rights to manage, future court actions, change of freeholder or the possibilty that Peverel may not have properly drawn up contracts to manage, the “owners” have the option (if the going gets too tough) of simply dissolving the property management side of the business to concentrate on Cirrus/Careline, having first made sure the companies have been separated.
    Key to this is the appointment of Andrew Gardner, who comes from Harmoni, part of the Care UK Group.

    • That name Harmoni is bad news. They run the out of hours GP services too; one visited me in an emergency and failed to call an ambulance… Thanks to Labour’s disastrous new contract with GPs that significantly increased their salaries for less work.

  4. Michael
    As we know, it is common practice for the unscruplious elements within the managing agents/landlordsindustry to change names, sell off parts of their businesses to friends/relatives etc every 3 years, in the hope that they can mitigate any claims should there be any for fraudulent/mis-management claims. We had 3 landlords and 3 managing agents in as many years….
    A sign of a good company is one that has been trading under the same name for many years and has nothing to hide.
    It all stinks to high heavens but they know the rat catchers are after them now….

  5. M. Epstein says

    Clarification of the position of Andrew Davey!
    Since it was me that posted the news on the site, it falls to me to clear the matter up.
    From a usually very reliable sorce i was informed that Andrew Davey had resigned from Peverel.
    I i had read on a little further i would have seen the aditional words Technology Ltd!
    After further investigation i can confirm that Companies House lists Andrew davey as “Appointment Terminated, Director Of Peverel Technologies Ltd”
    At the same time the company “Secretary” Peverel Secretarial, also had their appointment terminated.
    To me this has huge significance, as it reinforces my belief that Peverel wish to split the property management and the building technology side of the businesses, in the event of Peverel being liquidated and thus avoiding any repayments they should be making.
    I should add that Peverel Building Technologies Ltd is the parent company of Cirrus/Careline.

  6. Michael
    As I sent you the email, regarding Andy Davey retiring, can only apologise if the information I sent was not correct and accurate?

    I have checked on the email I sent and I had given the wrong Peverel that Andy Davey had retired from

    He retired from Peverel Building Technologies Ltd not Peverel Management Services Ltd, please forgive me as the Peverel name alone is used by the company to confuse, which actually works.

    I have asked Sebastian to state the correct company in future not just state Peverel, as has been stated by him and others?

    I may not be doing myself favours with Sebastian, but I will not be taken to task when I attempt to provide as much information as I do? any comments friends?

    Andy Davey worked for Cirrus from 2002 until 2009, when he was promoted to the Peverel Group Ltd just before Peverel Group reported themselves on the 08/12/09 to the OFT.

    Peverel Group Ltd claim that the report in the Times on the 05/12/09 (see email from Chris Owens) February 2014 to my friend and colleague, stating that the report was the catalyst for Peverel Group to report their SISTER COMPANY TO THE OFT.

    Every one check out the 07/11/09 report by the same reporter James Charles of The Times who mentions Anti-Competitive Tendering a month before the date Chris Owens states, why.


    OFT refuse to provide the date that the first complaint was logged with the QUANGOS that are the SFO and the OFT as they are allowed to under the Date Protection Act and under the Freedom of Information Act as the information is not in the public interest???????

    The OFT will become another department on the 01/04/14 is this an April Fool?????

    • Chas
      You have asked for comments on a minor error on the LKP/Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation site.

      You have asked for friends to comment, so here goes friend:

      I would have thought it best to email Sebastian in private to clarify any discrepensies to be honest and not to air it on this site without checking it out first.

      One of the main rules of engagement is to ‘divide and conquer’… We should all remember that and not fall into their trap.

      Sebastian/Martin plus a lot of other people do an awful lot of work for FREE and it does not help when people start to point the finger when an innocent error has occured.

      It is up to all of us to check out the facts before we then forward on any information.

      This is a voluntary run site after all and other people have other jobs/lives to get on with, we are very very lucky indeed to have it …

      • Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation says


        I rang Chas over the weekend and this issue is over.

        I was correcting Michael Epstein that Andy Davey is still employed by Peverel. Chas rightly points out that he has resigned as a director from Peverel Building Technologies Limited (Company Number 06324769).

        I do not know what that implies, to be frank.

        I also doubted the point of trying to demonstrate – again – that Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation whistleblowers reported the Cirrus scam to the authorities before Peverel turned itself in in December 2009.

        The OFT was suckered, ran a slack inquiry that only began in April 2011 and would have put out its report in September/ October had we not made a fuss. On Sir Peter Bottomley’s suggestion, I involved David Cameron and there was a meeting of Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and OFT chief executive and Bottomley and Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary in September.

        Three days before the OFT put out its scandalously bad report into Cirrus, it announced the present inquiry into leasehold management.

        Chas is right to be indignant at the leniency deal with Peverel / Cirrus.

        Neither Sir Peter Bottomley nor Ed Davey are satisfied with the OFT’s explanation either.

        But far more important is to get litigation going from the sites that were scammed. So far, not one has stepped forward and one assumes Peverel has spread its balm to keep matters quiet.

        Chas thinks his site was scammed, and has evidence, but unfortunately it was not part of the OFT investigation. So there would be more to establish at tribunal, but is worth a shot.

        Chas is obviously a fully paid up member of the Peverel Awkward Squad, but thank goodness for that. More people should be more questioning about retirement leasehold, and those who exploit its many, many opportunities.

        All the best, Sebastian

        • “More people should be more questioning about retirement leasehold, and those who exploit its many, many opportunities.”

          Yes, you are right, but most of the residents here don’t fully understand leasehold tenure and that is what is so infuriating and frustrating; that is how Peverel has survived for so long. If I ask awkward questions I’m told that everyone else here wants a happy quiet life without any trouble..!

          Phew! – had I not pursued a twelve years fight with Peverel to get answers about the underground car park/flooding the major work being carried out now by the NHBC would not be happening. My nerves are in shreds with the pneumatic drilling going on underneath my flat for the past two weeks but hopefully it will be all over soon – THANK GOODNESS. I bought some earplugs that helped lessen the noise!

          • fleeced

            You deserve a medal for persistence I hope your residents say a big thank you when they see you and not complain of the noise, as they would where we are at ABC.

            Great news.

  7. Michael Epstein says

    Let us suppose that the OFT report had gone as we would have wanted and peverel had been fined.
    We would all have celebrated, though no doubt Peverel would have found a financial vehicle to avoid paying any fine or compensation. The OFT did not take this course as we all know, but has instead produced a widely condemned report with no financial consequences for Peverel to the great dismay of affected residents.
    What Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation/ LKP immediately realised when the report was published, that it was a very powerrful weapon in the fight to convince the powers that be that despite appearences to the contrary, any proclaimed protection for leaseholders does not in practice exist.
    If it can be demonstrated that even the Office of Fair Trading cannot protect leaseholders(never mind ARMA or ARHM) this is much more useful than giving a fine to Peverel(who probably would not have paid anyway)

  8. Agreed and I know how hard Chas has worked… He has my admiration as well, I just wish more on his site would support him. Onwards and upwards friends.