July 21, 2024

Should this lady agree to sub-letting? Comments please

Dear Sir, or Madam,

I have been living in a retirement flat that I bought nine years ago with a 99year lease.

The freeholder and manager is a registered housing association. In the past there has never been a problem in selling these flats which were built in 1985 as they are in a very convenient place, the service charge covers repairs and replacement to heating, plumbing in the flats, we have a laundry room and communal lounge etc.

On the sale of the flat  a sum is put into a ‘sinking fund’ which pays for repairs etc.

At the moment we have eight of the 24 flats on the market due to owners having died or moving to nursing homes. Some have been on the market for 2 years.

One of the deceased owner’s sons who now owns the flat wants to rent it out. At present there is a clause in our lease forbidding this.

We have been asked to agree to this.Has this happened to anyone else and what would happen about the ‘sinking fund’and how could the future repairs be funded if there was no money going into it?

Yours truly
name withheld