June 15, 2024

All Peverel companies applying to ARMA-Q

Statement from Peverel received this morning:

All of our ARMA members have applied for ARMA-Q accreditation. These applications are currently being processed by ARMA.

Peverel Retirement has applied for ARMA membership and this application is also being processed by ARMA.

The statement concerning Peverel companies does not address Peverel retirement referred to the ARMA regulator Keith Hill.


  1. Michael Epstein says

    So if according to Peverel “All our ARMA members have applied for ARMA-Q” It must follow that the non-member companies have not applied for ARMA-Q membership.
    Were the re-branded Appello (formerly Cirrus) minded to conduct in another bout of price fixing, than I presume ARMA would have no locus?

  2. Michael,

    Further to Cirrus Communication Services Ltd / Peverel Management Services Ltd who were involved in the Price Fixing I noted as below the term regarding Agent have we gone after the agent instead of the freeholder.



    Fiduciary relationship between two parties in which one (the ‘agent’) is under the control of (is obligated to) the other (the ‘principal’) . The agent is authorized by the principal to perform certain acts, for and on behalf of the principal. The principal is bound by the acts of the agent, performed in carrying out entrusted duties and within the scope of agent’s authority. An agency can be created by (1) express agreement, whether oral or written, (2) implication, based on the custom or practice of the trade, or (3) conduct of the principal. Under the legal doctrine of estoppel, the principal is prohibited from denying the existence of a properly constituted agency. Creation of agency is essential to commercial and financial transactions, because an organization (as a legal entity) can function only through its agents.

  3. Chas,

    Have you identified the names of the directors of Cirrus Communication Services Ltd , Peverel Management Services Ltd and Kingsborough Insurance Services Ltd with “freehold Company” and E&M when the Times Newspaper reported on price fixing in Dec 2009 ?,

  4. So the person running Kingsborough at the time it was a subsidiary of Peverel Management Services Ltd was running her own private business registered as Pinewood Marketing Services Ltd. Even Janet thought [REDACTED …]

    Nigel Bannister (nothing wrong with Cirrus)
    Keith Edgar (crooked smile)
    Judi Runcimann (insurer)
    David Edward (lawyer)
    Philip Cummings (puppet finance manager)

    plus some HR and normal types who resigned as soon as they realised

    and on behalf of the landlord

    Michael John Gaston
    Bill Procter

  5. Michael Epstein says

    Stonedale Property Management have just qualified for ARMA-Q status.This is despite Stonedale property Management being registered as a “Dissolved Company”.
    Does it not undermine ARMA-Q if companies that do not even exist manage to qualify?

  6. Michael Epstein says

    So, OM Property Management (Peverel) have met ARMA-Q standards!
    Is it not time for the many reputable management companies to resign from ARMA?
    After all, do they want to be considered as being on the same level as the notorious Peverel?
    Are they satisfied that two senior (and influential) members of ARMA hold senior positions within Peverel?
    If I were seeking a managing agent who had resigned from ARMA as a matter of principal, they would be a firm favourite to get the management contract.
    Many decent property management companies have gone to great expense to qualify for ARMA-Q.
    That Peverel (with their justified reputation) are deemed fit members of ARMA-Q, exposes ARMA-Q for the sham it really is.