May 29, 2024

Peter Whalley leaves Peverel

Peter Whalley, a Peverel regional manager for the North West and Midlands, left the company’s employment yesterday, it is claimed.

A statement from Peverel to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation reads: “Peter Whalley resigned from his position to pursue other career opportunities and he leaves on 22 July. We are in the process of recruiting for his replacement.”

Mr Whalley was involved in the management of a number of retirement sites in Cheshire.

Controversies there included Peverel encouraging the sale of house managers’ flats.

It is Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation view, for which it had sought legal opinion, that these flats are part of a site’s communal property and cannot lawfully be sold or have separate leases newly issued for them.


  1. I received a letter from Peverel Retirement on the 03/07/14 stating that Peter Whalley is to leave at the end of July? The letter was from [REDACTED …] Head of Peverel Retirement (England & Wales). She mentions that she is currently in the process of recruiting a replacement?

    … [REDACTED]

    • We lost our House Manger when she was sacked, it took 14 months to replace with a good one?

      Peter Whalley has left us with many unanswered question that we have asked since 2006/07 it seems that as he was to leave on the 31/07/14 as we were informed his sudden leaving as posted on a developments notice board that his leaving was to be with immediate effect???

      It is a shame as he had instigated the sale of the House Manager Flat and the supposed building of an office to replace the flat for a Part Time HM?

      Also our Freeholder, Finance Director has moved companies from Mercian Properties Ltd and our freehold had been sold?

      Peverel had asked for a 250 year lease for the House Managers Flat from the new purchases?


      Today a copy of my payment for Ground Rent was in an envelope franked by Peverel Group, on a Peverel Retirement, headed invoice, stamped received with thanks from Peverel Management Services Ltd????

  2. [REDACTED …]

    two meeting this year, to explain, firstly that it was correct that the choice of us at ABC to replace the sacked House Manager with a temporary HM was beneficial to us residents as it reduces the Service Charges we pay? It also released the House Managers Flat for sale???

    Secondly it was to dispel my statement that we were considering the RTM route, which of course he stated that would be folly for ABC to go down that route?

    NOTE Our Freehold, Financial Director and others, left the company Mercian 3 weeks ago and the Freehold had been sold on the 14/06/20014???

    [REDACTED …] the Freeholder was to build an office on site, so the temp HM would have an office?

    Why would a Freeholder who sold the Company, now build an office, for a Peverel Retirement House Manger???

    We had also voted to stop the Relief/Deputy Costs for the Temporary House Manager who was paid £144.34 for 10 hours booked and shown on an invoice?

    This invoice was for 10 hours worked by the Relief House Manager, at £14.43 an hour, when asked previously, what rate of pay per hour were we paying, our Area Manager RC informed us that it was £8.63 an hour?

    The AM forgot to inform us that with travel and holiday pay, the rate per hour, was a further £5.80 an hour?

    When I checked the invoice closer, it was not for our development, but as the AM stated it should have been issued to a similar Development in Kent with a similar sounding name?

    We finally were reimbursed last July 2013, 3 years after it was issued,[REDACTED …]

    S, please do not redact these facts???

  3. I used to be a Residential House Manager for Peverel and [REDACTED …] my Regional Manager and [REDACTED …] was my Area Manager….Unless your face fitted and you was a person who said ‘yes sir’ right away sir’ [REDACTED …]

    • Jan,

      You obviously knew him well and I wonder why you only thought he was obnoxious, and had no people skills?

      I agree that he was in the wrong job?

    • Libby Hardley says

      As a retired residential manager who has worked with [NAMED REDACTED …] and Peter Whalley for longer than she did I find the picture that Jan paints of the two of them totally unrecognisable. Neither are perfect, but then again who is, but both are very supportive, appreciate hard work and any criticism they may have is usually deserved but constructive.

      They both encourage house managers to promote Peverel and do the best they can for the residents.

      Surely GLW realises that any structural problems with the building must be down to the builders and yet he still tries to put the blame onto Peverel who are surely trying to rectify the faults.

      Anon is quite right when he says that it is only a few people who moan about Peverel but who make a great fuss into the bargain.

      I would have greater respect for Jan and GLW if they had taken a little more time to proof read their comments and corrected some of the bad spelling and grammar instead of just firing off angry tirades that, in the end, may relieve their temper but upset some really nice, kind people.

      It is unlikely that this comment will be posted as it is pro Peverel but at least someone will have read it before making a decision.

      • Libby

        Thank you for posting. I hope you accept both yourself and Anon are wrong in claiming your posts would be deleted.

        The site tries to limit itself to only removing defamatory remarks, it has also posts comments and replies from the most senior staff in Peverel and have meet with CEO Janet Entwistle and will do again.

        Like Anon, you say you think only a few people are critical of Peverel. We would encourage you to write to the CMA, if that is your view.

        No doubt Peverel always has and continues to employ a number of “nice kind people”; they have had to work under some very poor management in the past. Unfortunately, more than one or two of the nice kind people also looked the other way when the company did things it should not have done.

        How many managers did not question the collusive tendering scam which ran for 5 years before being exposed by the few “moaners”?

        How many property managers never questioned the insurance decisions being made, or the reason why certain contracts were placed, or why the accounts were so late?

        PS Is it anyone’s role to cast judgment on other posters views because you do not think they have proof read to the standard you expect?

  4. Last summer, Peverel wrote a letter to the residents of our development, the regional manager of which was Peter Whalley, encouraging them to give up their interest in the house manager’s flat and to opt for a non-residential house manager.

    It offered the residents £10,000 to be paid into the service fund if they changed to a part-time manager so the flat could be sold.

    [REDACTED …] continually claimed that the flat was owned by the freeholder Proxima. They failed to admit that Peverel was the main beneficiary of any sale.

    We had several letters and notices from [REDACTED …] stating that the ownership of the house manager’s flat was the landlord Proxima which is owned by the Tchenguiz Family Trust. There was also a letter from [REDACTED …] of Peverel saying the flat belonged to Proxima.

    After searching land registry details I found that the leaseholder of the flat was Peverel PD, and in fact that whilst Peverel were denying any interest, it actually had held the lease of the house manager’s flat since May 2009 and had taken a multiple property mortgage with Royal Bank of Scotland on this and many other HM flats.

    I went through two Peverel complaints procedures ,the last of which was chaired by Chris Owens, Head of Customer Relations for Peverel Group and when I found his response inadequate, took it on to the ARHM. Knowing Peverel’s close involvement with ARHM I was not expecting much from them, but in their reply they did state “It is unfortunate that ownership details were not clarified sooner, and we will be writing to Peverel to request an undertaking that they are in a better position to be able to set out definitive information for residents when undertaking such important decisions about a change in service”.

    I would be interested to know if any other developments have received incentives to give up their house manager’s flat and if so what information they were given as to who was the owner of the flat. [REDACTED …] Anyone wanting further information can contact me through Sebastian.

    • Michael Epstein says

      Many congratulations on your efforts in exposin the truth about the leaehold interests held by peverel on House Managers flats. You are correct that loans were taken out secured against the value of the house managers flats. Have you managed to find out if the flats were declared as house managers flats, or had they been valued with no restrictions?

    • AW,
      We at ABC are in a position where we had agreed to replace the Full Time House Manager after our HM was sacked. [REDACTED …]

      We had a ballot to decide what the residents wanted, not being aware that the Peverel Policy, where they held the Head Lease, was to change the lease, so that a Part Time HM could be used in stead.

      We were not offered any money, but the Freeholder Mercian Properties Ltd had agreed to build an office. (They have since sold the Freehold last month and the Financial Director who had agreed to build the office has left the company???)

      That was 2 years ago and no office, the HMF is being used as the office but we pay for the heating, water, and Council Tax.

      I met Peter Whalley on four occasions, he was like [REDACTED …], he informed us residents in 2009/10 that a certain development, that had left Peverel Retirement, (PR) for a RTM had pleaded with PR to return and be their Managing Agents again?

      This was my first meeting with this man, so I checked regarding the RTM and he had given false information which PR were later to apologise for giving out incorrect information?

      [REDACTED …]

      Chris Owens was chair of the Stage Two Complaints procedure who stated to me, after I was informed that our HM, (who had only paid one reimbursement in 21 months) that the Stage Two Complaints, it had accepted that the HM, did not always reimburse the development, and refused to pay 100% of the costs, but what we did receive was a Good Will Gesture???

      AW Sebastian has my contacts, please email.

  5. Here is a way to convert a house manager’s flat into a valuable asset!

    1.Make an arrangement with the freeholder to ‘create’ a lease on the house manager’s flat. [REDACTED …]

    2.Take a multi-million pound mortgage with a leading bank on a large quantity of these house manager flats. Ignore or don’t disclose that the flats may be part of the common parts of the building.

    3.Ignore or don’t disclose the fact that many have leases prohibiting the formation of a lease on the house manager’s flat.

    4.Get Peverel managers to tell the residents that the flat is owned by the freeholder.

    5. Convince residents that Peverel are giving impartial advice which is to the benefit of the residents.

    6.Then ‘encourage ‘ the residents to give up their rights to this common part flat, using such techniques as private phone calls from managers to elderly residents sowing disquiet if Peverel’s advice is not taken, spread concerns about the cost of having to put in a new kitchen and bathroom at residents expense. Use techniques such as anonymous letters about anyone who is not going along with the Peverel ‘advice’. Make sure anonymous letters arrive with residents on the day of crucial voting if it looks as if the vote won’t go the right way! Caution here not to use the distinctive blue lining of stationery supplied by Ace to Peverel which would be a dead giveaway, and certainly don’t do any hand-writing on the envelope if you have distinctive handwriting.

    7.If the vote goes for giving up the house manager’s flat as the residents have been persuaded it is in their interest, put the flat on the market. Bank the cheque at Peverel bank.

    8.Maybe apologise to residents that unfortunately the area and regional managers were not qualified enough to know who actually owned the lease because now to everybody’s surprise it is actually owned by Peverel!

    9.Blame the managers and dispose of them if necessary.

    10.Don’t worry if anyone complains to the ARHM that Peverel have breached the code of ethics which states it must ‘disclose in writing to any relevant parties any conflict of interest’ because it will only administer a light slap on the wrist.

    I am sure this is not what Peverel have done.


  6. Michael Epstein says

    And don’t forget that those Peverel managers that persuaded residents to change from a full time to a part time house manager were being paid “incentives” by Peverel.
    Nor should it be forgotten, that a flat that has restrictions on it (such as for the use of a live in house manager only as specified in a lease is worth only a fraction of a flat with no restrictions.

  7. I live in in a McCarthy & Stone built property in Chester with Peverel as the service managers and not through choice of mine.We have suffered with continual and ongoing construction and structural faults problems and issues since opened in only 2000.
    I completely and utterly agree with Jan the ex Residential house manager on her thoughts and opinions [REDACTED …] and there work ethics manners and quality in dealing with owners and resident is none existent bad mannered and ignorant to put it mildly!
    But what makes it worse and does not help residents is when the house manager is completely regimental and follows [REDACTED …] dictatorship and their thoughts orders and management skills what ever those orders have for the good or bad.
    It is just a great shame that a Peverel Priority or ruling is that when The Regional Manager goes the whole team or squad should follow for the good of the building.
    I say this as we have been in caged in scaffolding for 10 weeks and this is not the first time and the building is only 14 years of age so Whalley has left us with some memories as the photos of the scaffolding with headlines Pensioners Behind Bars was in the local papers recently for all to see and I have been asked to keep them updated on all the structural faults and problems.

    I for one looks forward to a complete new team or squad at Arkle Court!

    Ged Walsh

  8. Funny that it seems to be only a couple of people across the whole UK moaning. Maybe they are just people who will moan no matter what. And like rabbits their complaining breeds more moaners.

    Get a life, do you get you building looked after? I live in a Peverel managed property in the North-West and its fantastic, the managers and area managers are great.

    Jan I bet you were the best employee the company ever had by the way you are quite bitter about having to leave, it seems like you outperformed in every aspect of your role. GLW you just want your castle to you and your own. But does everyone like you…….HHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    If you don’t want to live in these places, not just Peverel but other developments, why don’t you sell up and all chip in to have your own little empire of moaning and bitterness.

    I hope when I reach your age I find something more intersting to do than whinge and moan day in / day out.

    I bet this doesn’t get posted as the mods only post things that show the bad side of Property Services companies.

    • Michael Hollands says

      Can anon tell us where this Peverel Heaven is situated, it sound just what my wife and I are looking for.
      With the added protection of the ARHM it must be a pensioners paradise.

    • Anon,

      It seems a little ironic you should feel the need to moan so strongly about the people you say are moaning.

      With all due respect: you do not know who Jan is, you have not mentioned which site you are on where things go so well. We are fully aware Peverel has a number of sites where the owners are happy- sometimes they are and sometimes they only are because they have not check their service charge costs. I’d recommend you check your historic insurance costs for a start.

      If you consider there are just a few people who moan and whinge, then you should perhaps write to the CMA to tell them they have it all wrong. Perhaps it is just coincidence the OFT/CMA have now had three major investigations into this sector, with Peverel being one of the key companies under review. Getting each one of those investigations started is due to the work of those you seem to disparage.

      As you know, the OFT/CMA has only recently found Peverel companies guilty of running a collusive tendering system for door entry systems in the retirement sector over many years. Do you think there were no similar issues in the residential sector??

      As to your rudeness to SGW, you clearly do not understand the nature of the relationship between Mc&S historic building portfolio and Peverel.

  9. Michael Epstein says

    But it is not only a couple of people is it? A couple of people moaning, doesn’t lead to the creation of sites such as this one does it? I should point out that very roughly for every comment posted at least 20 come in not for publication. Certainly a couple of people moaning would not lead to the press or parliamentary coverage of Peverel, nor i suspect would it have led to the collusive tendering OFT report?
    I am glad to find that you are satisfied with Peverel. That is very good news indeed!
    I would be intrigued to know why(given you are so satisfied) you took the trouble to seek out websites that highlighted the failings of Peverel?
    I can’t imagine many satisfied people would do that, can you?

  10. Libby Hardley says

    Maybe Anon and I check out your website just to see what scurrilous comments are being made about Peverel and their staff.

    Peverel may not be without fault in some cases but they are for the most part doing the best they can to uphold the conditions of the lease in the best interests of all concerned and that includes residents for the main part. At least when they are wrong they will own up.

    I would normally read the comments and think that they were written by someone with a personal grudge or a particular axe to grind, and would treat them with a certain amount of sceptism.

    You’d be surprised Michael who reads your site and for what reasons.

    However I could not sit back and ignore such blatant and unwarrented character assassination as was meted out by Jan on two people that I respect and admire.

    • Libby,

      We have an agreement with Janet Entwistle that she or her press team will contact us if there is anything inaccurate written about the company or its staff.

      They have not been contacted about this article or for that matter any issue since we last met Janet in February other than to respond to our requests for quotes.

  11. anon commented:

    July 16, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Funny that it seems to be only a couple of people across the whole UK moaning. Maybe they are just people who will moan no matter what. And like rabbits their complaining breeds more moaners.


    Nothing regarding Peverel Retirement, Peverel Management Services Ltd, Peverel Group or any other Peverel Company, CarelineUK, Cirrus Communications or Kingsborough Insurance Services Ltd is funny?,

    You claim, only a couple of people across the whole UK, are not satisfied with Peverel Group?

    Were the people who spoke to you wearing white coats?

    I may be wrong, but you are certainly ill informed and may be in the service of a Peverel Company?

    (Like rabbits their complaints breeds more moaners) ? what a statement from anon, who is this person?

    If this comment was meant too give an insight, into a Peverel Supporter? it has, and in no way enhances their reputation, but lowers it even further?

    I believe this comment is not random, it has been planted, could it be my friend Peter?

    Hope you were paid for this comment?

  12. Libby Hardley commented:

    July 16, 2014 at 8:02 pm
    Comment:- Maybe Anon and I check out your website just to see what scurrilous comments are being made about Peverel and their staff.

    A. Maybe you work for Peverel, if you do our problem is with the management, not the staff, who do a great job and who work to help us residents?

    Peverel may not be without fault in some cases but they are for the most part doing the best they can to uphold the conditions of the lease in the best interests of all concerned and that includes residents for the main part. At least when they are wrong they will own up.

    A. I believe the last part of the comment “At least when they are wrong they will own up”????

    This comment by Libby, will hardley ever be accepted as a correct comment as the facts are they refuse to own up and dig deeper holes, which become so evident?
    I would normally read the comments and think that they were written by someone with a personal grudge or a particular axe to grind, and would treat them with a certain amount of sceptism?

    When you or your elderly parents or friends are systematically cheated in the many Scams that Peverel Group have been taught, you may be ready to agree?

    The Scams include:-

    Insurance claims ignored or placed in the wrong cover areas, with £500 excess?
    Summary of Cover shows separate item of Cover for Storm and Flood and Escape of Water?

    A leaking WC placed in Cover for Storm and Flood Water and the Carpets ruined, are not allowed on the same claim and are then placed in the wrong Cover again for Storm and Flood with also £500 excess???

    This was the first time, I discovered that Peverel Area Manager,decided not to be fair by placing the Claim under the wrong Claim Heading Cover?? Not one piece of evidence such as a PAPER TRAIL TO SHOW A CLAIM WAS MADE???

    You’d be surprised Michael who reads your site and for what reasons. However I could not sit back and ignore such blatant and unwarrented character assassination as was meted out by Jan on two people that I respect and admire.

    Who is this, It sounds like my friend Peter again, who has now jumped ship, before the House Managers Flats become a nightmare to unravel?

  13. Reply anon
    In reply to anon the rabbit with no name named address try noting you hatch or warren maybe you are a unnamed character from Alice in wonder land or more likely the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

    I’ve got the best life anyone could possibly live my friend except for my shabby in caged fortress not castle ingnored by so called service managers and now only two bad managers Whitehouse and her warden.

    How can I live in a castle the water been on the inside since built in only 2000 so no moat needed or would help the surroundings yet we are still completely surrounded and imprisoned in scaffolding.

    If you are man enough to meet with me personally and are not the cartoon character your sound and appear to be contact me at 17 Arkle Court and I will give you a guided tour explanation of my facts and if you really think I Should Get A Life I Will Take You Out For A Day And ?

    I Will Also Give You And Your Partner maybe Alice or Mickey a close look around my Celll

    I don’t care who likes me I just won’t what I pay for and that’s what I don’t receive from Peverel judge for yourself on both accounts.

    I bought my property due to a disability and mobility problem and expected to be helped assisted but only when I ask or need but this has been never luckly I paid £120000 for my 2bedroomed cell and could never get any fool to pay me this plus me being the person you paint me out to be I Would Have To Lie And Inform Purchasers Like Peverel Do That There Are No Continual or Ongoing Faults or Problems With the Structure of the Roof

    Maybe you would like to buy mine ?

    I repeat whatever age you are I am willing to meet and even introduce you to Whitehouse and her warden
    I’m glad they printed your letter and look forward to your visit and possible sale may I call Walt for now.

    Goodnight I must go back to bed


  14. Michael Epstein says

    Anon and Libby,
    Though i contribute on a regular basis this is not my sire.
    If as is claimed a couple of moaners are behind all the complaints, perhaps you could explain as to why Peverel have set aside over £8m to resolve resident service charge disputes.
    Was Eric Mathews at Strand Court a moaner? Have you read the LVT ruling? What about the Lace Market? City Heights? Charter Quay?Were they a couple of moaners?
    Barratt and Berkeley Homes. Were they a couple of moaners when they sacked Peverel?
    Perhaps Mcarthy& Stone should be included for sacking Peverel from all developments that Peverel had not been woven into the lease by previously connected freeholders?
    Perhaps David Cameron and Ed Davey have shown themselves to be a couple of moaners when the Prime Minister ordered peverel to “just go” from a Peverel development and Ed Davey described Peverel as a “monstrous company?”

  15. Michael Epstein says

    Anon & Libby,
    You praise Peverel for “owning up” when they are in the wrong. By that do you mean “owning up” before their actions are featured in the Times or after?

  16. Michael Hollands says

    Congratulations to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation for publishing an alternative point of view. Whether they are from genuine residents I would not know.
    Peverel do have their own website which has a blog and news section.
    What amazes me is the lack of communication and publication of news between Peverel and it’s residents.
    The Blog ceased to function around four months ago, and up to then I found myself , an outsider, placing more comments than around all of their 200,000 residents put together.
    Again the News section is very rarely updated.
    There have been so many developments and changes in the Retirement Leasehold sector with much more to come it would be worthy of a news bulletin. The same goes for recent changes at Peverel, staff leaving. Nothing gets reported.
    The Lifestyle Magazine again concentrates more on items like the Knit and Natter Club rather than news that seriously affects the Residents Lifestyle.
    Maybe this all points to the fact that most residents just accept life as it is, whether good or bad.
    Or that Peverel discourages comment on important issues.
    It would be interesting if some of the contributors to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation put their comments on the Peverel Blog to see if they get published.
    I mean constructive comments, good or bad, nothing abusive.
    It may get both Peverel and their residents communicating more which can only be a benefit both parties.

    • Michael Epstein says

      Michael Hollands,
      Since Janet Entwistle said “communication is the key” their have been severe cutbacks at Peverel. The number of issues of Life &Style has been reduced and it appears the much publicised “open days” have ceased to be.In addition the much vaunted “customer charter” only had a budget of £295 in 2013.

      • ME, did you not hear that JE on arriving at Peverel Retirement in 2012 had a key, but the lock was hidden as the old guard made sure, that thing would stay as they were?

        The Life & Style Magazine is on oxygen and needs a transplant and the Open Days are Closed Days as they can no longer find actors to ask questions?

        The Budget of £295 in 2013 for a Customer Charter, which I have framed and placed it in a room, that befits its use and value?

  17. To be fair for a moment the posters might have experience of PM’s who are doing there job and providing a good service. It does happen you know. They may live in new buildings which are ticking over for now, and like most of us, as long as we are happy, & the people that we are dealing with try and are effective, we don’t look very hard at savings or changes. Their mistakes might be routine “stuff happens” and they admit to them.

    It is not right to conflate those mistakes with the sorts of underlying issues like the tender rings, treasury management and insurance commissions issues, not to mention contractors approval, and any commerical arrangements, which are far from everyday “oops I forgot, sorry” and not ,to be fair, within the remit of the lowly PM.

    Bizarrely, this remit issue is often to get a better deal with “bulk buying” and prevent individual PMs getting brown envelopes or the odd washing machine. However in this case, it led to the latter being centralised under the old owners, who pocketed the bulk buying discount and then got greedy and increased the prices and rake offs. Then they bought the suppliers and brokers. ……..And then ran away.

    What theOPs are saying is that they are doing the best they can, and objectively, we might say that is a fair commment and add, “well with what they are given, and to the extent that they can”.

  18. Reply to anon
    After reading and studying your reply to my original comments I am one hundred per cent certain you are a Peverel staff member or one of about 34 of the residents that appear to run and control every single thing or decision that is made or decided at Arkle Court

    We have no official elected residents association following any constitution set out by Peverel and their policy so I ask how are all these our votes decisions and results getting decided and passed.

    The only meetings called are chaired by the area or house manager and if I request minutes due to my apologies I have been informed it is not Peverel policy to take minutes!

    May aim is to save the residents of Arkle Court money why should we pay to repair construction faults for shoddy works left by builders McCarthy & Stone.

  19. GLW,
    Forgive me, but saying that Peverel do not take minutes is correct as they take weeks and months to do anything?

    Peter Whalley was supposed to help me set up a Residents Committee last year, does any body know where he is?

    I have spent the past two and half years attempting to have refunds of over £22,000 returned to us, but so far we have only received £3,300.

    But hey ho it keeps me busy.

  20. Marge Ashley says

    It was with great jubilation that through the Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation website, I heard of the demise of Peter Whalley from Peverel, and I agree totally with Jan’s remarks [REDACTED …].

    I worked as a resident house manager for Peverel for 10 years – the first 8 years were very enjoyable and rewarding, but the last 2 years were horrendous and stressful. [REDACTED …]

    • Marge Ashley,

      We also had Peter Whalley as our Regional Manager and would appreciate if you would complete the comment that was REDACTED.

      Please ask Sebastian for my email address.

      We are hoping to profile the areas of England that Regional Managers covered.

      Any help will be useful.

      Thanking you in anticipation.


  21. Great news as far as I am concerned [REDACTED …] good luck to him for the future and good riddance.