June 17, 2024

OFT’s ‘leniency’ deal saved Peverel / Cirrus £4m in fines, says The Oldie

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The cleverness Peverel demonstrated over the Cirrus scam was revealed in The Oldie magazine this week.

Had Peverel not suddenly decided to come clean in December 2009 – just after the issue had been reported in the Times, but before the full Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation submission arrived in January 2010 – it could have been fined 30 per cent of annual turnover for breach of competition law.

That’s more than £4 million.

The Oldie is edited by former Private Eye editor Richard Ingrams, and is widely reader by mature readers, including those with influence.

It has taken a particular interest in Peverel.


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  2. Michael Epstein says

    As frustrating as it was that Peverel escaped being fined, it does remain a problem for Peverel in that every time they try to put the past behind them in order to win new contracts, the issue of the Peverel price fixing is raised again. Whilst it is true the OFT saved Peverel £4m, we have the ability to cost them much more.

  3. Why has Janet not provided the total information that was available to the OFT to us as this would be seen as OPEN AND TRANSPARENT as Janet Peverel Charter states we will be open and transparent?


    1. Give you excellent customer services? WHEN
    2. Be open and transparent? WHEN
    3. Demonstrate value for money? WHEN/HOW
    4. Be easy to deal with ,WHEN/HOW
    5. Consult with you? WHEN/HOW

    Janet also stated that we can contact her she states:

    She does not say get in touch with my workforce??

    This is how we are informed incorrectly as Janet doesn’t answer the emails they are answered by Chris Owens, Luke Couper, Adam West Webb and other unknown Peverel Customer Relations Employees?

    This is typical of Peverel Retirement Division who are our Managing Agents and Meridian Retirement Housing Services Ltd our Landlord?

    The Managing Director of Meridian Retirement Housing Services Ltd is a Janet Entwistle???

    This makes Peverel our Managing Agent and Landlord with a Headlease of 125 years so we are ruled by the Peverel Group and they decide what will happen with their developments???