April 24, 2024

Israel Moskovitz ‘unappealing conduct’ reported in The Oldie

The Oldie magazine reports the frustrations at Regent Court this month

The Oldie magazine reports the frustrations at Regent Court this month

The monthly Oldie magazine has reported the failure of freeholder Israel Moskovitz to frustrate the right to manage application of the residents at Regent Court retirement site in Plymouth.

Regent Court won right to manage in February 2012, but has been locked in legal wrangling for another 20 months after Israel Moskovitz repeatedly attempted to appeal the decision.

After being emphatically turned down by the Upper Tribunal, Israel Moskovitz attempted to raise the matter with the Court of Appeal. He was turned down in November.

His barrister in this matter was Justin Bates, who was named Parliament earlier this month by Sir Peter Bottomley. The veteran MP called upon him to justify his conduct playing the leasehold system to the disadvantage of elderly home owners.

In a statement to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation. Moskovitz argued that there were important “wider implications in many areas of law”, which is why he was repeatedly appealing the case. Judges, however, disagreed.

Moskovitz has also attacked those involved in the right to manage as “bully boys” who do not represent the feelings of residents at Regent Court.

Betty Chapple, 83, of the residents’ association has dismissed this as “nonsense”.

Israel Moskovitz’s legal manoeuvring successfully delayed the right to manage to the extent that the residents at Regent Court will only take over management in February next year – two years after winning their application.