June 17, 2024

Mail on Sunday today: Campaigners want an end to this endless cheating

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The Mail on Sunday has today devoted more than a page of editorial to leasehold issues.

The article bluntly outlines the abuses faced by leaseholders at the hand of monetising freeholders and the property managers, surveyors and lawyers who serve them.

The article is illustrated with a photo of Emma Reynolds, MP, the Labour shadow housing minister, who is showing an interest in leasehold issues.

Jim Fitzpatrick, the Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse in London’s Docklands, is convinced that this is an issue the party should be highlighting.

Fitzpatrick has some of the richest and poorest leaseholders in the country, and has spoken up for beleaguered leaseholders at the ritzy West India Quay.

They faced a legal onslaught last month in the First Tier Tribunal – headed by a QC – for asking for a recognised residents’ association.

Fitzpatrick recognises that ordinary people are being ripped off for thousands of pounds by freeholders who play the system and work round the protections of leasehold law.

The Mail on Sunday article is written by the distinguished personal finance editor Jeff Prestridge.

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As well as reporting LKP, it mentions the interventions of LibDem peer Baroness Maddock, who repeatedly speaks out on leasehold issues. She wants the question of commonhold to be revisited.

Last week, LKP / Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation met with officials at the Competition and Markets Authority with Sir Peter Bottomley.

The organisations – which are alone in reporting the problems of leasehold – will be providing a substantive submission.

LKP / Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation warmly congratulates Jeff Prestridge for his journalism, and for giving these important issues their due.


  1. Michael Epstein says

    For every article that we may read in a few minutes, many hours have to be spent in research.
    It does not come easy.
    We owe so much to the efforts of all involved with Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and LKP. Thank you.

    • Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation says

      Thanks Michael. We urge those suffering problems to involve MPs – copy to us if you wish – and the local media.

      These fiddles are only taking place in the dark. No one involved in playing the leasehold system – freeholders, their servants, the trade bodies, training institutes, awards dispensers and the rest – stand up to public scrutiny.

      At last, things are moving our way, with politicians, media and officials all recognising that things are not working as they should ….

    • I have met our MP twice and I am still hopeful to eventually receive further correspondence that they undertook further action???

  2. Michael Epstein says

    Watch Out Caroline Flint!
    Your award for “best looking MP” is under serious threat from Emma!

  3. Regarding the End to This Endless Cheating.

    You could not make this up????

    I was informed last week by my neighbour that the two operatives who undertook the up-date of our Warden Call system were both sub-contractors and were from Doncaster?

    Cirrus who won the contract for the WCS then Sub-Contracted the work to the company who was found guilty of Price Fixing 37 developments and fined £27,000 and placed in Administration?

  4. It is all those directors of Peverel Retirement in 2009 ( before the company was exposed in the newspaper) who should be punished by disqualification asbeing director of any UK company .