May 26, 2024

LKP helps raise £14,682 for park home champion Sonia McColl OBE

Dear LKP and all the wonderful people who have helped me,

Your amazing gestures of kindness have raised £14.682 pounds and I can not adequately say how grateful I am to you all. However, I hope you will all know how much it helps when a vital part of your life is stolen and you feel very alone.

Through my work for the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign, I have met, heard from and experienced some of the pain, fear and forms of retribution that many elderly park home residents have been subjected too. Normal people from all walks of life; who, in their golden years have had the misfortune to encounter greedy heartless site owners who see them as a cash cow and bleed them dry. Of course there will be some decent site owners (but not many) and it is thoroughly appalling that in 2013 Government were speaking of hitting the rogues hard in their pocket – where it hurts – to rid the industry of the rogues and yet still – 5 years later – the mighty defy and the weak suffer.

Let’s hope that a coming review of the mobile homes act 2013 does something to eradicate the problems and that the Park Homes APPG follow the lines of LKP and that we have regular meetings and importantly the BH & HPA are relegated to a guest organisation and an independent secretariat is appointed.

Once again my sincere thanks to all who have helped me. Despite the threats received and being told that my home was stolen because “I trampled over site owners to stop sale blocking – and I deserve this”. They will not win as I will make sure that the JUSTICE Campaign does all that it can in the time remaining before the coming review to get an Independent and transparent review of the 10%Commission Charge payable to site owners on the sale of a home and the increase to the ground rent changed from RPI to CPI.

Well done LKP. Please accept my very sincere thanks for all that you have done to help me and I hope one day to tell you that I have a home.