July 21, 2024

House manager costs rise nine per cent at Anchor

Any assistance for this reader?
I live in an Anchor Leasehold apartment, and our budget for next year has just been submitted to us residents.
Our Estate Managers costs have risen by 9%, and on asking why we have been told that it is due to the requirement of the estate manager having a free apartment and being liable to “Residential Tax” a benefit in kind to HMRC.
I have searched the HMRC web site (specifically section 97 -113 ITEPA 2003 EIM 11300) and as far as I can ascertain, this is a liability that has to be paid by the Estate Manager.
Are you able to advise me if it is permissible for Anchor to charge residents extra to cover her tax liability?
Maybe Anchor have increased her salary to pay for the liability, but they have denied this.
Any help would be appreciated.
Kindest Regards