May 29, 2024

Fryzer Property Services lifts ‘ban’ on relatives at major works meeting

Leaseholders at Oakland Court in Worthing were told by Fryzer Property Services that ‘relatives, carers and friends’ were banned from a meeting to discuss significant works at the site. The ban has now been lifted.

Residents at Oakland Court, in Worthing, West Sussex, were told that “friends, relatives and carers” could not attend a meeting next week to discuss major works at the site.

The ban came from Fryzer Property Services, but has now been rescinded after indignant residents contacted Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation. We in turn referred the matter to the local MP, who happens to be Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation patron Sir Peter Bottomley.

Robert Fryzer MRICS MIRPM wrote to Sir Peter today: “… we would advise that we will amend the notice relating to the leaseholder meeting, and allow this to be open to all leaseholders and their representatives, carers, friends and other authorised person. They will be able to express views and ask questions as requested.”

The ban on relatives and friends attending came in a letter to “all leaseholders” to discuss major works including external decoration; internal decoration of the lobby; the grounds; and solar panels.

“So there is no misunderstanding, this meeting is for leaseholders only. Friends, relatives or carers will not be allowed to attend.”

Mr Fryzer explained to Sir Peter that the purpose of the meeting was “to improve communication with leaseholders, and allow open discussion. We did not wish the meeting to be disrupted by the actions of other non-leaseholder’s friends or relatives.

“We agree and support actions relating to fairness when managing blocks of flats, and would not condone any actions relating to greed or unfairness.”

This Oakland Court, on the Goring Road, is not to be confused with the more celebrated “legal torture” one in Gratwicke Street, where resident John Fenwick won back £67,000 in excess service charges and gameplaying of the freeholders’ lawyers prompted Sir Peter to reference “legal torture” in the Commons.

That triumph for leaseholders in retirement sites can be read here:



  1. Michael Hollands says

    I notice that Robert Fryzer has the highly respected qualifications of MRICS and MIRPM.
    One would have thought that the ethical approach promoted by these organisations would have prevented this sort of abuse.
    But perhaps not, I have seen little support from either Institute on the subject of Leasehold Reform.

  2. chas says:
    February 19, 2017 at 12:26 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Here at Ashbrook Court our previous Regional Manager PW ( with a degree) wrote to me refusing to allow Sebastian O’Kelly to be present at one of our meetings. I turned up with my representative -not SOK – who was informed “he was not welcome. The one to one meeting with Mr Whalley and myself would not go ahead, so I ask my friend to leave – I had waited 6 months for the meeting.

    This meeting resulted in a £3,700.00 refund from Peverel for money fraudulently spent by the House Manager who was Ex-Police.

    So nothing surprises me now.

    Reply Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation