April 22, 2024

ARHM wants to know your views about its new code of practice

The Association of Retirement Housing Managers is holding consultations on its new code of practice. Reading the whole document may be for insomniacs only. On the other hand, for those with a forensic interest in leasehold issues, it is important.

Peverel is, of course, the principal paymaster of the ARHM, which has pretended for years that there were no issues in retirement leasehold.

If we are going to have more of it, it would be good for all new developments to come with their own resident management companies. This will stop developers flogging the management contract to the highest bidder, whose aim – of course – is to make money out of the leaseholders.

Please put your comments on the Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation site:

ARHM CodeconFEB13



  1. I don’t see ARHM or ARMA doing much good really — Mr Prisk knows want we need, an independent Ombudsman so we have someone to complain to rather than spending hundreds of hours writing letters and getting NOWHERE — the ones we write to have a vested interest in doing nothing– good game but getting very boring to leaseholders.

  2. Would anybody take seriously a book on the care and welfare of chickens produced by an association of foxes?

    I took a look at this, but not being familiar with either the previous version or what has changed it was a cursory look. Anyone who takes seriously the idea that foxes are going to attend to the small print is delusional.

    Self-regulation has been such an outstanding success in the banking and other sectors of the economy it’s not hard to see why the foxes are so keen to keep it. Anyone with a brain should actively avoid having anything to do with a property managed by these creatures — a complete and total boycott. The pretence is that the non-members are the bad guys, which is course complete tosh. Neither golden retrievers and wolves will not be found in an association of foxes, and a fox with a nice book is still a fox and not a whit more trustworthy. There’s just no alternative to learning to tell the difference between them until the ways of the foxes are outlawed.

  3. Have to agree with Paul &OMh. I don’t see ARHM or ARMA doing much different. All these so called “clubs” just play on words and introducing amendments to current guidelines is intended to let us believe changes/improvements will happen. Sorry, I cannot buy that one anymore. It has gone on for so long now we must have better legislation. There are already enough “rules” available within ARHM or ARMA current guidelines to have dismissed the bad apples out of “their club”, but we all know why they don’t – it’s called loss of membership fees. It is for this reason why any changes will make no difference. Being a member of ARHM or ARMA is meaningless to me. Just like anything else, I am only interested in how good a business is.I am the director of a very small property management company and we do not need to be a member of any “club” in order for us to operate to perfection – yes I am proud to be able to use that word – never yet had a single complaint from any resident, only praise year on year (The residents are freeholders). The government know to well what we need, and therefore are to blame as much as anyone else for the rip off of leaseholders, especially the old and vunerable.

    • Lesley Newnham says

      Well done for your obvious hard work and integrity. I personally would not employ a managing agent who IS a member of ARMA having been mismanaged by one ( who still is a leading member) for years until RTM. They are definitely ‘all pals together’ and those who have left to join LKP will still have to prove themselves to residents. Have commented on latest round table meeting post as to what I would like to see.

      • Lesley, thank you for your comments and support.
        First class points you raise in the “round table post”. Totally agree