April 24, 2024

ARHM CodeconFEB13

ARHM CodeconFEB13


  1. Aleczandra says

    I have only this week been in touch with the ARHM about Peverel. Their response was interesting – it is unclear to me exactly what the role of this Organisation is as my impression is that it exists, like the GMC to support Unprofessionalism. I have read their code and I have a copy of it (yes I am an insomiac) and this document is for me, typical of all that is “bad” in the private sector – good on paper and nothing else. As a retired professional of the Criminal Justice System experience, trainingg and working knowledge as shown that Codes and Policies are only as good as the people who implement them and when you have Scheme Managers/Trainers and Area Managers like the ones at Ryland House, Manchester this Code is not even worth the paper it’s written on. I was on the 24th January actively discouraged to purchase by Janet Brown Area Manager of this Scheme. thank Goodness – she did me a BIG favour, the only ONE – a tenant now I am looking to move out, back to sanity at the earliest opportunity of my Get Out clause. Bullies and thugs in HM Prison System have a lot to learn from the likes of Sybil Turner and Janet Brown. These two do not appear to have the word Professional in their vocabulary.

  2. Aleczandra says

    One has already been sent previous

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