April 22, 2024

Andy Davey promoted. He headed Cirrus during Peverel’s price-fixing

AndyDaveyAndy Davey, Peverel’s former head of business excellence and Cirrus executive, has been appointed MD of Appello

Davey was the head of operations for Cirrus from 2002 and became head of the business from 2007 to 2009.

The Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal involved cheating pensioners at 65 sites by installing Cirrus equipment through bogus tendering. The scam took place between 2005 to 2009, according to the Office of Fair Trading.

KnightSquareAppelloPeverel offered a £100,000 “goodwill” payment to the affected sites to make amends. It has declined referring the matter to mediation, even though this is its preferred method of resolving disputes.

A statement from Knight Square, which owns Peverel / FirstPort, says:

“Andy will use his considerable experience in the technology sector to build on Appello’s first-class reputation as the UK’s largest emergency monitoring centre and a leader in designing, installing and maintaining telecare, fire safety and security products. Andy will also continue to drive Appello’s expansion into developing new products and services that support people’s health and wellbeing.”

Janet Entwistle, the Peverel group CEO, has expressed her confidence in Davey to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation. She said in February 2014 that “no member of Peverel staff involved directly in the collusive tendering scheme was still employed by Peverel”.


  1. Michael Epstein says

    Well, wouldn’t you just know it?
    Andrew Gardner’s pursuit of “new opportunities” has led him to the role of CEO, Telehealth Services Association. This is yet another “trade body” that sets the standards for companies providing telecare services . And guess who one of the largest members of the Telehealth Services Association are?
    Who said “Appello”?”

  2. Trevor Bradley says

    In pursuit of “new opportunities”. Is that a very “posh” way of describing something else!!!
    Some things, and most people, never change

  3. Is this a soft appointment or has call-me-Andy Davey been formally re-registered as a Director of Appello Telehealth / Cirrus / Careline? Or whatever name the new company is going to have? You can’t be the MD of such a company and expect to remain hidden in the skirts of your boss. Maybe an investigative journalist with an interest in this area is now entitled to knock on the door and ask Mr Davey for an interview.

  4. Michael Epstein says

    I note Andy Davey has also been described as a director of Peverel Management Services (Peverel Retirement) I trust Keith Hill will also take note of this when considering Peverel’s application to ARMA-Q