June 17, 2024

Why does Shapps want to regulate park homes, but not leasehold?

Question for Shapps: why is regulation of park homes good, and regulation of leasehold bad?

Housing Minister Grant Shapps is alone in resisting leasehold regulation saying it will add to costs and landlords don’t want it … even though the British Property Federation, which represents the country’s largest landlords, has assured LKP that it favours the move.

But why – for the sake of consistency – does this minister feel so strongly on the subject of park homes, which he plans to license?

Park homes suffer similar issues to leasehold properties, including inflated service charges and poor maintenance. Yet Shapps wants regulation as part of “sensible, practical proposals, targeted at the worst practices and minimising the burden on those who do a good job for their residents”.

Admittedly there have been cases of park home landlords burning down the mobile homes of those who have complained, which to date is not a feature of leasehold living.

In other respects, the issues are very similar. Was it too much to expect some coherence and consistency from this minister?


  1. OMhostage says

    The answer is perfectly simple. Owners of park sites are not large donors to the Conservative Party.


    It amazes us all that Grant Shapps will not consider leasehold regulation.
    The main reason put forward is that the Conservative Party cannot afford to upset their Landlord friends who provide them with generous funding.
    Two other possible reasons are as follows.
    1 The Minister, his Dept of Local Government & Communities and Baroness Hanham have never seemed to grasp the seriousness of the situation. From the mountains of correspondance I have had from them and from the Baroness`s comments in the House of Lords they appear to have learnt exactly nothing.
    Despite all the evidence submitted ,their opinions have not changed since the birth of the Coalition Government over 2 years ago.The Lib Dems and some Conservatives appear to understand the problem but those who matter do not.
    Maybe if the Minister or the Baroness had friends or relations who have suffered under the present system then they would have a better understanding and be receptive.
    It did not take the PM long to sort things out for his Burford constituents once he was aware of the problem they had with Peverel.
    2 Another reason could be that the problem is large and the solution complicated meaning they have not got a clue on how to solve it.
    Hence they have taken the easy option and restricted their efforts to Park Homes.
    If the Minister has any concern for those who need his help then he should take the evidence submitted to him more seriously. If he finds solutions difficult then he should seek the help of those who could advise him.
    eg. Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation or similar organisations.