June 15, 2024

The Guardian money editor wades into leasehold

The Guardian is the latest media group to write about leasehold today, with an online article by Patrick Collinson, the personal finance editor.

Collinson, who has written on leasehold issues several times in the past, says The Dispatches documentary tonight will feature the case of Rona Buretto, who bought her one-bed flat in Hounslow, London, almost 15 years ago.

As one of 70 leaseholders in the block, Buretto’s problems began when her service charge started going up. “We started with £700 a year for the flat, but now I’m paying that almost for a quarter.” Yet rather than improving, the service provided had, she said, “got much, much worse.”

Tenants in the block are now taking the managing agents to a leasehold valuation tribunal (LVT).

The full article can be read here