July 21, 2024

The Dear Leader of Peverel addresses her adoring supporters with a frank and informative statement

The Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation chairman draws on his experience of North Korea to translate the latest pronouncement from Peverel HQ

Not since I was a young reporter sent to North Korea, and had to sit through hours of bum-numbing adoration of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, have I read anything quite as extraordinary as Janet Entwistle’s post on the Peverel website yesterday following her interview in The Times on Monday.

It must be reproduced in full to be appreciated:

The Times has turned to Janet for an industry view on how the leasehold sector should be reformed. [Translation: It is indeed the case that The Times turned to Janet because she heads a company which has a reputation that is second to none.]

Speaking to journalist Deirdre Hipwell for a piece in the paper’s 20 August edition, Janet called for regulation and explained the biggest problem facing the industry at the moment was the perception it lacked transparency. [Translation: Memory loss may be another problem, otherwise Janet might have mentioned as an example of lack of transparency  the May LVT judgement at Strand Court, in Rye, where Peverel was criticised for “the intentional hiding of information to which residents would have been entitled” by doling out contracts to its own subsidiaries.]

Janet was clear when she joined Peverel just 6 months ago that she was committed to operating to the highest standards of business integrity. The Peverel customer charter (launched last month) sets out Peverel’s commitment to transparency and improving standards of customer service. [Translation: This is the second proclamation elevating transparency, the first being from Peverel’s long-standing Politburo, who may be embalmed but are still in situ.]
Peverel has spent years working with the wider industry to develop codes of practice. Since joining in March, Janet has been very clear the industry would be better served by stronger regulation through a totally independent regulatory body with a properly funded structure. [Translation: Discretionary codes of practice failed to prevent widespread abuses, about which the industry trade bodies did nothing at all. The current chorus for transparency is recent, and rather tardy.]

Janet’s thoughts are consistent with those of influential all-party think-tank CentreForum, which has just released a report calling for greater protection for leaseholders. [Translation: This is a curious conjunction of views. Is it not more likely that CentreForum went to the trouble of carrying out its report because it thinks – ever so politely – that the sector stinks like a pile of ordure?]

Given the large number of managing agents in the UK, CentreForum has called for a “light touch, independent regulator” – a sentiment Janet agreed with. She told The Times a less confrontational mediation and tribunal process was needed. [Translation: Janet prefers mediation because … Peverel keeps having damning judgements against it at LVT.]

“Mediation results in a more positive outcome, particularly for residents, therefore current arrangements should be strengthened to help residents avoid the costly litigation process,” Janet added. “The tribunal process is also often perceived as too confrontational and we therefore support the London Assembly Service Charge Report released earlier this year which recommended mediation should be a compulsory first step.” [Translation: Mediation suits management companies that don’t want their failings aired and criticised in an open tribunal. It can never be compulsory, which would deny the seriously aggrieved access to justice.]

The issue of leaseholder protection is also the subject of tonight’s Dispatches documentary on leasehold, ‘Property Nightmare: The Truth About Leasehold’ (C4 8pm). The programme will feature a development in Hounslow with a number of structural and social problems managed by OM Property Management. [Translation: Actually, this bit is fair enough, so Janet was probably pouring a stiff drink and saying ‘Oh, God, here we go again …‘ ]


  1. Fantastic! I bet there are lot of jokes about this even in the bunker in Luton.

  2. A Reviewer says

    Hi all

    I have worked in many countries over seas which are deemed to be corrupt dictatorships.

    But i still maintain that Britain is the most corrupt country i have ever lived in.

    To call it UK democracy is a farce when leasehold exists, let alone the dubious contracting practices which continue to be used which have long been outlawed in most of Africa.

    Happy Days

    PS: Mr Chairman – An excellent translation by the way.

    Can I add another one: “I will reply to you [Never ever will we respond positively and make any admission that we are anything but whiter than white].”

    I love that song in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera that “Yes is but a neater and a nice form of No”

  3. Obviously, she comes from a strange planet called Peverel!


    It`s a bit disappointing to read Janet`s views on leasehold regulation.
    If she thinks it can be done by independant voluntary organizations then she is as deluded as our “puddled” friend Baroness Hanham. Or maybe she thinks under this system that Peverel will be able to get off lightly.
    In the past I have seeked help from ARHM and found them completely useless.They told me to go and find and pay for my own solicitor.
    These bodies are financed by those who cause the problems the main one being Peverel.
    If Janet is true to her word and implements fully her proposed new Customers Charter then it would save the elderly the stress and strain of seeking outside help. But until this happens and Peverel is an honest, reliable accredited manager then we need strong regulations to make sure they operate fairly with some recompense if they fail to do so.