July 20, 2024

Knights Court wins RTM after Peverel dropped the action …

… well, it is a Tchenguiz site Peverel began a right to manage process at retirement site Knights Court in Balsall Common, in Solihull, only to drop the claim after the freeholder objected, it is claimed. The freeholder is the Tchenguiz Family Trust, which owns the freeholds of 1,500 retirement sites, or 53,000 retirement flats, […]

At Knights Court fire safety is too precious for Peverel to put a price on

Residents at Knights Court in Coventry were not happy to get a poster on their notice board earlier this month to say they are going to have to pay more for a fire risk assessment. In the past Peverel included the assessments as part of the service charges. Now they are to be farmed out […]