May 29, 2024

Man, 90, dies in fire at Homepine House

A 90-year-old resident of Homepine House died in a fire at Homepine House, in Folkestone, on Saturday night. Emergency services were called after a fire broke out on the fifth floor in the bedroom of the resident, who has not been named. The website Kent Online reported the fire here and quoted police saying: “A […]

Law Commission: Don’t ignore £318 ‘information packs’ that leaseholders have to pay

As well as exit fees, monopolising estate agency with exorbitant charges, sellers of retirement property also have to pay for ‘information packs’ to the property manager and the freeholder. Here, Alan Eadie, a long-standing supporter of Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation who is a leaseholder at Homepine House in Folkestone, tells the Law Commission to […]

How can we stop Peverel spending £20,000 on fire alarm upgrade?

Can readers share their experiences to help this gentleman? (Prompts to use commercial services may be removed) Hello Sebastian, Thank you for your prompt reply to my email about Homepine House in Kent. I would like to understand more about their problems as we may have a similar problem looming here. I live in XXX. […]