June 15, 2024

Elderly Accommodation Counsel says ‘recent retirement flat resales have increased in value’

Evidence based on sales since 2010 Evidence includes unverifiable discounts – ‘incentives’ – from the retirement developers LKP refused to be associated with the report and urged non-publication In spite of abundant evidence on the Land Registry of catastrophic falls in value of retirement properties, today (August 20 2019) the Elderly Accommodation Counsel reports that […]

Elderly Accommodation Counsel says half new-build retirement flats fall in value on resale

BBC R4 MoneyBox today claims that around half of new build retirement homes sold during a 10-year period were later re-sold at a loss. This has long been a concern of BetterRetirementHousing.com, formerly the Campaign Against Retirement Leasehold Exploitation. In all our criticisms of resale prices we have relied solely on unarguable data from the […]

‘Our flat at McCarthy & Stone’s Buckingham Court has fallen in value £60,000 in 14 years’

(… and what does the Elderly Accommodation Counsel / HousingCare.org actually DO, apart from advertise these properties for sale?) By Ian Robinson If you require an example of how bad the resale value of the properties are in the retirement market you need look no further than the McCarthy and Stone built Buckingham Court. We […]

Will Edwina Currie be doling out award to one of Peverel’s alleged price-fixing sites at the Elderly Accommodation Counsel awards?

  By Michael Hollands  Only three days to go to the big award ceremony in retirement leasehold hosted by Edwina Currie. (Click on image to read) This is the Elderly Accommodation Counsel award for the Retirement Managers of the year being held at the National Motorcycle Museum. The awards are to be presented by Edwina […]