June 17, 2024

Pensioner ‘spy’ to lift the lid on retirement leasehold 8pm tonight

On Monday night (8pm) Channel Four’s Dispatches carries out a special investigation in the fraught world of retirement leasehold with much of the material provided by an undercover pensioner ‘spy’.

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation activists have been interviewed for the progamme, and we have given the filmmakers, October, every assistance over the past few months. It is understood that the focus is on the developers, their honeyed sales techniques and the fact that it is they who drew up the deeply disadvantageous leases which have blighted so many lives. It is also the developers who then flogged the freeholds off to whoever would cough up the most for them (that was Tchenguiz, during the boom years).

It is understood that the filmmakers have interviewed leasehold retirement pioneers, McCarthy & Stone.


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    I have sent a further email today to Peverel regarding the problems with insurance and the lack of clarity and the suspension of our House Manager.

    Will keep in touch if it helps.