May 29, 2024

Metcalfe Court: Residents laugh at Fairhold “bullying” accusations

UPDATE: Fairhold ballot papers came with franked addressed envelopes dated May 23, but it is now an open question whether all the replies will be received. In a farcical turn of events, one resident went to the post office today to post her vote by registered post and was told that the franked envelop was not valid. It is being handed over to Andrew Stunell, MP tomorrow. Are we now looking at a third ballot and the involvement of the Electoral Reform Society?

A packed meeting of leasehold residents at Metcalfe Court was held on Monday where the accusation that the residents association were “bullies” was greeted with incredulous laughter.

Fairhold claims that there have been three complaints over three years from residents who oppose the majority view opposing the re-appointment of an in-house manage.

But this was dismissed as mischief-making at the meeting, which was attended by Andrew Gardner, the constituency aide to local LibDem MP Andrew Stunell.

“We have been absolutely honest and open in everything we have been trying to do,” says Maureen Young, chairman of the residents’ association.

Although the residents held a vote that was recorded by a local solicitor, Fairhold has insisted on its own postal ballot. It says it would always do so when considering the application to withdraw an important service.

Fairhold’s postal ballot will be counted on Monday. After Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation took an interest in the matter, the company has invited Stunell to witness the count.

The residents are seeing their MP tomorrow and will hand over the documents of their own vote.

“I have no doubt that Mr Stunell is well aware of the majority views of the residents at Metcalfe Court,” said Young.