June 10, 2023

London and Quadrant resident seeks contact with others

This today to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation:


My partner and I live in a block managed by L & Q (London and Quadrant). We are concerned that our management service costs are escalating at a rate far beyond inflation each year. Concerns raised by the residents here are very, very slow to be actioned and we can wait a year or so before something as simple as gutter cleaning is addressed. Fire doors/access for wheelchairs is a current bugbear and this has been raised on numerous occasions over the years. Initially I would like to know whether L & Q are known to be problem managers in general and also whether there is a group of L & Q leaseholders I might get in contact with. They seem to be a very bureaucratic organisation that likes to shuffle paper a lot but without actually achieving much except putting up our management bills.


Please can London and Quadrant residents get in touch with sok@leaseholdknowledge.com so information can be shared and you can mutually assit.

Many thanks,

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation