May 29, 2024

January 18: Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation leasehold meeting in Epsom

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitationmeetingCampaign against retirement leasehold exploitation is holding a meeting for retirement leasehold owners on January 18.

The meeting will be addressed by Sebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd, of Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation / Leasehold Knowledge Partnership.

The issues under discussion will include:

  •       What next after Peverel’s price-fixing scandal involving Cirrus;
  •       The OFT investigation into leasehold management;
  •       The urgent need for all retirement leasehold sites to appoint a manager that they choose.

The event is being hosted by Diamond Managing Agents, headed by Inma Gell, a small local company based in Epsom which is accredited by Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation’s sister organization, the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership.

Diamond recently took over the management of a site from the RLHA (the Retirement Lease Housing Association).

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation has been contacted on numerous occasions by RLHA residents, and they are warmly invited to the meeting.

Inma Gell will discuss her involvement in property management, including the following areas:

  •     obstacles and observations on past experience in the handover of a development
  •     good communications;
  •     value for money service charges.

Above all, the point will be emphasized that all leasehold residents should not put up with management appointed by developers or those who subsequently bought the freehold, whose primary interest is to monetise a site.

The meeting will take place at 1.30 for a 2pm start on January 18 2014.

Please register in advance your wish to attend so that we are aware of numbers:


The venue is :

Global House
1 Ashley Avenue
KT18 5AD

Inma Gell can be contacted on:

Diamond Managing Agents
Tel. 01372 822935  Mobile 078 558 23211

There is a public car park next to the office

Map to the site is here


  1. A Reviewer says

    Just goes to show that there are some GOOD guys out there …

  2. Lesley Newnham says

    I would love to attend this meeting but not sure about the logistics of actually getting there from Devon yet. I am sure you will be inundated anyway and look forward to hearing the outcome.

  3. Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation says

    I would say this is a small meeting for local-ish people. We want to do more of these events, which I think are best as locally based. The problem is cost and time. Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation is not funded, although it gets some donations (for which many thanks).


  4. Sebastian
    Well done regarding the meeting I cant attend this one but would hope to attend a more local one

    Master Key not for New Doors.

    We have just found out this week when the new House Manager called that we and three others who had purchased their own PVCu doors with permission. We found out when the House Manager tried the Master Key it was not the correct key.
    We should have been informed in 2011/12 that as the keys can not be suited we would have to arrange for a different system from those that retained the existing timber front doors.

    This was the first key check we had had since 2010/11 as the House Manager was sacked in August 2012 for Gross Misconduct.

    So the four of us pensioners one who is 92 had no cover from CarelineUK (who are Peverel/Cirrus company) from when the doors were fitted. So 18 months had passed and we had not been informed that the Master Key would not open the replaced front doors.

    Peverel had denied we had a problem last August when a Paramedic was refused the Access Code by CarelineUK because the emergency call was sent to another Careline. They did not trust me having the Access Code so the resident spent an half hour longer on the floor than they should have.

    The best part of this Chaotic Sage was that the Combination Lock could have been easily changed in seconds if Careline UK had allowed me to give the Paramedic the Access Code.The resident spent 40 minutes on the floor in the flat whilst the Paramedic was chasing around looking for the Access Code to the Master Key.


    Sebastian, Well done in setting up such a meeting. I shall do my best to attend. Best LAWRIE

  6. We do our best to be there and yes, local meetings can be very useful and effective. Exchange of useful information is vital to stop fraud on leaseholders bearing in mind that for every leaseholder who decide to speak out and take action there are 1000 who are either to afraid or disheartened to even attempt to do something.

    It is only the tip of the iceberg that comes out from time to time, bearing in mind that not only elders are the victims.

  7. Michael Epstein says

    A Message to residents In Epsom concerning the meeting on the 18th.
    Given the number of people wishing to attend the meeting, you might have the impression that Derby Day has been changed. This is not the case, it is merely another Sebastian idea that has as usual gone brilliantly well!

  8. I was unable to be at the meeting as I was having a Peverel Group Charter dissected to see what it meant?

    The prognosis was that it was well meant and the openness was so our Janet could know who were the corrupt people involved in the Cartel behaviour, so she now has the knowledge and then the control of those corrupt managers that are still working.

    Having said that Andy Davey was the Cirrus top man from 2002 and now is one of the top men with Peverel Group?