June 15, 2024

Dudley Joiner and park home landlord Barry Weir named in Commons … and LEASE chair Roger Southam invited to resign

Sir Peter Bottomley calls for Dudley Joiner to be investigated, and invites Roger Southam, the controversial chair of the Leasehold Advisory Service, to resign

Dudley Joiner and Roger Southam

Controversial leasehold entrepreneur Dudley Joiner was named in the House of Commons today, and Roger Southam, chair of the Leasehold Advisory Service, was invited to retire.

The remarks came from Sir Peter Bottomley in the debate on the Regulation of Property Agents.

Sir Peter also named Barry Weir, a Sussex-based park home landlord who employed libel solicitors Carter Ruck to demand Sir Peter withdraw disobliging remarks made on BBC TV earlier this year.

Dudley Joiner is the proprietor of the Righht To Manage Federation, which is not a federation; the Leaseholder Association, which is not an association; and Team Property Management. He is or was the sole director of all these companies – the Leaseholder Association is dissolved as a company but still trading.

Roger Southam is the former proprietor of Chainbow property management, which was the embedded management company in what were perhaps intended to be residents’ management companies at Taylor Wimpey sites.

He was ejected from the sites following the intervention of LKP, and his company was sold to property giant Savills, where Mr Southam appears to be employed.

Taylor Wimpey leaseholders ask: if the management company is ours, how do we oust Roger Southam?

Anger at upmarket site in Jeremy Corbyn constituency … Should residents involve the Leasehold Advisory Service, given that its chairman Roger Southam also owns the embedded management company? … Taylor Wimpey seems to be saying that an embedded management company can be turned into a residents’ management company – just so long as leaseholders make enough […]

Dudley Joiner is embroiled in a row where the residents of Chichester Court in Bexley Upon Sea say he won’t give back their £27,000 contingency funds.

Pensioners tell property manager Dudley Joiner: give back our £27,000 sinking fund – Better Retirement Housing

Please follow and like us:Leaseholders in Chichester Court, a retirement site in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex have told property manager Dudley Joiner to return their £27,000 sinking fund. Mr Joiner won’t give the money back unless the directors of the Chichester Court Right To Manage Company Limited sign some form of indemnity agreement as he believes …

Sir Peter said:

The all-party parliamentary group on leasehold and commonhold reform, which I co-chair along with the hon. Member for Poplar and Limehouse (Jim Fitzpatrick), will be grateful for the Minister’s remarks. We will submit more evidence.

I put it to the Minister that it will be quite important for people to be able to submit their evidence to the consultation confidentially. There are so many crooks and dodgy people around that there may be threats of legal action, such as the one I received from Carter-Ruck on behalf of Barry Weir when I was looking after a park home resident. Ordinary people cannot face that; Members of Parliament can.

Will the Minister also consider whether Dudley Joiner of Team Property Management can be investigated? He was going to be thrown out of his judicial property role, but he escaped hours before the report was announced.

Lastly, will the Minister please give serious consideration to whether the chairman of LEASE—the leasehold advisory service—can properly remain in his role, or whether it would be better to let him retire and have him replaced?


  1. Michael Epstein says

    Sorry to contradict Sir Peter(what a fantastic job he is doing) he may have confused Dudley Joiner at tram property Management and Benjamin Mire at Trust Property Management?

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