April 22, 2024

Peverel showed no ‘leniency’ for elderly leaseholders, so why should OFT? The Oldie reports price-fixing scandal …

  The alleged Peverel / Cirrus price–fixing scandal has been reported at length in this month’s issue of The Oldie (“a Zimmer frame for the mind”). (Click on image) It repeats Sir Peter Bottomley’s view that Peverel has undertaken “unlawful and probably criminal actions” and he dismisses the Office of Fair Trading’s fiction that Peverel […]

OFT’s price-fixing investigation into Peverel costs £458,000

A breakdown of costs of the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) investigation into the Peverel / Cirrus price-fixing scandal has been handed to Sir Peter Bottomley. It shows the cost of the investigation is £458,000, accounting for 10,660 hours of work. The costs were outlined after a meeting with the OFT on August 22 chaired […]

MPs demand ‘justice and recompense’ for victims of Peverel’s price-fixing scams …

Sir Peter Bottomley (left), the Conservative MP for Worthing West, and Ed Davey (right), the LibDem MP for Kingston and Surbiton and the Energy Secretary, are combining forces to demand why the Office of Fair Trading offered a leniency deal to Peverel over the Cirrus price-fixing scandal. After a meeting with Campaign against retirement leasehold […]

How we fiddled the Cirrus contracts, by an ex-Peverel employee

This illuminating email has been sent in by a former Peverel employee, whose name is being withheld: As an ex Peverel Retirement technical officer who was made redundant, thus incurring residents with extra costs for people like AEDAS with no reduction in service charges for services paid for and not given, I am in a […]

Bottomley: ‘possible criminal behaviour involving Peverel’ over tendering scams

Articles in The Times in 2009 also show Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation had publicly raised the issue of Cirrus’s tendering scams before Peverel turned itself in   Sir Peter Bottomley has waded into the Peverel price-fixing scandal by publicly doubting whether the company had “confessed” to the Office of Fair Trading before being alerted […]

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation whistleblowers furious as OFT may give Peverel immunity over price-fixing

UPDATE July 10 2013: Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation received this email from the Office of Fair Trading this afternoon, shortly after a Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation meeting with Sir Peter Bottomley: I am the team leader for the OFT’s investigation into certain access control and alarm systems companies, with respect to which the […]