April 22, 2024

Anchor CEO makes donation to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation

JaneAshcroftpen2Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation and the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership would very much like to thank Jane Ashcroft, CBE, the chief executive of Anchor housing association, for a donation last week.

At the launch of Lord Best’s Making Retirement Living a Positive Choice at the House of Lords, Jane noted that the resources of our organisation did not extend to the supply of a pen to take notes of the launch.

Earlier at a meeting with LEASE at the DCLG, we had had to share a single pen between two of us.

The result? A handful of pens arrived through the post courtesy of Anchor.


  1. In order to avoid the risk of a deluge of writing instruments we should perhaps mention that despite the parlous state of the charities funding the pen issue was more of an administrative oversight.

    It would be wrong to mention names but it may come as a surprise to readers learn that those with years of journalistic training can sometimes forget such an important part of their craft.

    • Michael Hollands says

      Anchor are members of the Your Care organisation which rates Retirement Homes.
      Donating the pencils should give them some bonus points.
      Did the forgetful person get offered a free place in one of their Nursing Homes

  2. Michael Epstein says

    Perhaps if you collect enough pens you could establish a new website and call it “Inkedin” and sell it for a fortune!