May 22, 2024

After scandalous delays of 14 months, Regent Court has its RTM appealed against today

Fourteen months of winning right to manage, Regent Court leasehold residents were at the Land Tribunal today fighting off their freeholder’s appeal.

In – yet another – example of how the leasehold system lets down those who pay for it, the Plymouth pensioners have had their inaccurately described “right to manage” frustrated through the legal process. Until the appeal had been heard, they could not exercise their right to manage – which means it will be the summer before the residents take over the block, even if they win.

Some of the original RTM applicants have long since died and the full story of Regent and Elim Courts can be read on this site.

The residents are represented by Dudley Joiner, of the Right To Manage Federation, who yesterday celebrated his 28th RTM victory in central London.

The RTM is being opposed by London-based freeholder Israel Moskovitz and his business associate and managing agent Joseph Gurvits, who heads Y and Y Management. Gurvits’s family own Eagerstates, a managing agent familiar to many London leaseholders.


  1. The reason residential leaseholders fight to get RTM is they feel they are either being overcharged or are not happy with the way the manager is managing the building.
    It seems extremely difficult to replace these managing agents even though they are not wanted. If you got your car fixed and were not happy with the work you would rightly go else where, the same should apply.

  2. Legislation under the CLRA 2002 allows ” a majority of leaseholders” in the block to set up a RTM company to administer the service charge account for their building without proving the existing landlord’s management was at fault. The legislation passed by Parliament never gave the Courts or Lands Tribunal any rights to block the RTM process and deny those rights already passed by Parliament.