April 22, 2024

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation to meet Janet Entwistle over Cirrus scandal … but NO site that was cheated should accept Peverel’s £100,000 ‘goodwill’ payment

(… and one site contacts OFT saying it was left out of the investigation)

JanetEntwistleSebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd, of Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation, are to meet Janet Entwistle, Peverel chief executive (right), with Sir Peter Bottomley at his Westminster offices on February 10.

The discussion concerns the Cirrus price-fixing scandal and Peverel’s derisory offer to make a £100,000 “goodwill” payment to the 64 sites affected.

It is VITAL that affected sites do not accept any goodwill payment from Peverel, or they may lose out in any eventual settlement of the scandal.

The Peverel / Cirrus bogus tendering was again mentioned in the Commons last week and will not go away.


The OFT is considering the case of a retirement site in Wallingford. The residents believe that it was a victim of collusive tendering by Cirrus, but was left out of the investigation. They have provided evidence demonstrating this.

Of course, in this case there would be no question of leniency applying to Peverel if the site was wrongly not included in the OFT investigation.

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation / LKP readers are invited to communicate directly with me about this meeting with Entwistle.

I hope readers noted that there has been a surge in right to manage interest after the Cirrus case, according to the RTMF.

Sebastian O’Kelly

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation