July 21, 2024

ARHM president Baroness Greengross says ‘sorry’ to Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation supporter

Campaign against retirement leasehold exploitation supporter Brenda Banks was so indignant that Baroness Greengross, who is president of the trade body the Association of Retirement Housing Managers, dismissed complainers in retirement developments as “barrack-room lawyers” with too much time on their hands that she wrote to complain.

Baroness Greengross

Today, Greengross has replied saying: “I am sorry if my comments did not seem to be as balanced between the interests of managers and residents as I had intended.”

Brenda, who lives in retirement flat managed by Peverel, wrote to Greengross explaining “that once one has bought into leasehold retirement apartments there is no escape”.

She added: “Here the flats have hardly increased in value in 10+ years and they no longer keep pace with alternative housing options.   I think this is down to  high service charges and the cost of things like connection to the communal
Sky [satellite TV] dish.”

This costs £99 to make the connection plus an annual fee of £49, Brenda claims.

“Friends not with Peverel in a leasehold retirement block had a local firm in who connected every flat to the satellite dish for £10 with no annual fee. … I have pointed this out to Peverel, but we are still only allowed to go through the company they recommend.

“Come to think of it, the fact that we have not got Sky access because of excessive cost, does mean we have  more time to complain  that we might have used up watching television!   Well done Peverel!!”